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youre-nicked 23 Aug 20 10:58 AM

Universal preferred pass
just been looking at ways to try and keep the costs down for my next trip and was wondering:

As a family of 5 would I be able to buy myself a preferred pass to make use of the free parking, 10 % discount etc and then just get the rest of the family the 3 park tickets?

Would the car parking let us through with just my pass?

Would a waiter/waitress put the discount through just based on my card or would they ask to see everybody's?

As we only go every 2 to 3 years its not worth buying everyone a pass.


PoohBears#1fan 23 Aug 20 11:00 AM

Yes absolutely.

This is exactly what we've always done, unless the black out dates affect our trips (check these first) we only buy one preferred for the parking and discounts, then the minimal needed for everyone else.

Shooby doo 26 Aug 20 08:11 PM

Only one of you need an AP, the only times I can think that everyone would need one would be a "Special" passholders event IYKWIM We have different passes & always use my Preferred for the discounts & parking.

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