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racheal244 6 Jun 20 02:39 PM

Florida Escapes
Has anyone successfully received a refund for Universal Tickets purchased through florida escapes? Our holiday is now cancelled due to the dining plan being pulled but I can't get hold of anyone from florida escapes. I have filled out a form on their site but they state no refunds and to go through holiday insurance. Just wondered if anyone else had problems or sucess. I'm aware we can use them next year but don't want to go then.
Thank you

LW2412 6 Jun 20 02:48 PM

Hi, we are in the same position! We haven't actually cancelled our holiday yet but plan to as soon as we can. I tried to cancel our Universal tickets yesterday but I couldn't see that it looked likely on the website so am expecting to lose our £50 deposit. Hope someone else can help you!

racheal244 6 Jun 20 02:50 PM

My tickets are paid in full £1000 plus! It's not been a very good year, I'd happily loose £50 if it meant I got our money back 🙄

Evil queen 7 Jun 20 11:01 PM

Iím in the same boat- tickets paid in full, around £2000 worth. They are of course now valid until next year sept for universal and December for Disney but Iím not sure we will get there next year. Itís such a lot of money! By their website it looks as though they are saying insurance would be the only way to get our money back so I guess we will have to try that.

racheal244 7 Jun 20 11:04 PM

I have tried my insurance and they said no. I have emailed Florida escapes today asking for a refund 😕. Good luck hope you get on better then me so far

millerj 10 Jun 20 06:01 PM

Have you had any communication from Florida escapes?

I paid my balance for Disney tickets lunchtime on Friday and was advised they would issue will call tickets instead of paper tickets and they would be emailed to me early this week

I have had nothing from them. I emailed yesterday and again today and no response, the telephone number is not working

racheal244 10 Jun 20 06:19 PM

No I haven't had any type of response to my emails 😢. I think they are very selective at what questions they reply to as they are definitely replying to some queries but not others as I have seen posts from people of face book.
When I initially emailed them I got an auto email saying they would reply within 30 days but then they emailed me back straight away saying not to worry they're valid until December 2021 but now I'm asking for a refund nothing!

racheal244 13 Jun 20 12:32 PM

Just to update my post I have today heard back from florida escapes by email saying I can receive a refund on our Universal tickets but need to post them back and they will retain 10%. Happy with the result, good luck everyone else 👍

raspberry 18 Jun 20 12:47 AM

That's interesting racheal244, thanks for the update. I wonder if anyone else had success with them? I think they need to have the same policy for everyone!
They completely refused to refund my tickets but wanted me to return them and they would email back to say they had them as proof for my insurance company, very dodgy sounding! They never replied to my last email at all so I ended up contacting Universal direct who said they would contact them on my behalf to get a refund which I thought was great! Latest from them was a request for my postal address and that refund would be in the form of a cheque in US dollars and asking if I wanted to proceed so fingers crossed it comes through, they have said a couple of times that things can be a bit slow now as they are so busy but I'm happy they got involved and will never buy from Florida Escapes in the future.

cmpjdp 20 Jun 20 04:21 PM

From what I read we would have to go through our insurance for a refund, which I think is a bit naughty. Itís not as if any of us have used them. I will contact my insurance company as soon as my flight is officially cancelled 😢

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