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YorkshireT 16 Jun 20 08:30 AM

Video of Millenium Falcon Virgin Jumbo Final Flight
Marni1971 (who ironically is perhaps one of the best known people in the world in terms of Disney insider information, even though he lives in Manchester he has connections to Imagineering) has put up a video of the last flight of this plane on 15 June:

It was only late last year everyone was excited about flying this newly painted plane- if there is an image which captures the changes made by Coronavirus...

Mr Tom Morrow 16 Jun 20 08:49 AM

I see it went to Ciudad Real Airport in Spain landing at 3.30pm.

The second VA 747 to go there I think. It's a scrapping facility

Guest 16 Jun 20 08:49 AM

I felt quite emotional watching it yesterday, loved the wing wave.Will miss flying in them.

Guest 16 Jun 20 08:56 AM

Truly such a sad sighting.

Poohbear62 16 Jun 20 09:18 AM

Thanks for posting. I have loved flying on these aircraft many times.

Eeyore rocks 16 Jun 20 10:50 AM

So sad, I was lucky enough to fly on The Falcon in December. :) Thanks for posting. :thumbs-up

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