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ashilda 13 Aug 19 03:03 AM

4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Sunday 11th shopping day
Had the hotel breakfast which was standard fare but I forgot to take pic. I had raisen bran, melon and toast with coffee. I've put the other days pic on as Cecil and kids ate similar. Again the fruit tasted syrupy.

We headed to premium outlet and after quite a bit of shopping we went to the food hall, dd had chicken tenders and ds had foot long hot dog. We had Chinese which was lovely the sesame chicken was amazing and I would have just had that, Cecil got another type of chicken, rice and a pork dish, I had noodles and God knows why but he got me tofu! I could barely try it once he said it felt like brains! Honestly after 21 years together you would think he knew me a bit...tofu?! Give me the sesame chicken!

Gluten for punishment we dropped the bags at hotel and headed to Florida mall for yet more shopping.
Dd found a cereal she would like! Just the sugary shapes no cereal!
we also got some m&ms and I had a cookie pie for Carlos Bakery but didn't get chance to eat it.

We tried again for Longhorns, there was only 1 car parking space left so we took it and walked in... 45min wait and it was busy. Cecil said no and we went to sizzler.

Before we came I made a list of the restaurants we wanted to try and even signed up to some for discount vouchers but we keep spur of the minute going to random places! Romanos wasnt great and sizzler didn't look great either but Cecil was starved so I went with it.
I thought it odd that you order at the door, I had to decide pretty quickly! We saw a note on menu saying appetizer of salad bar, hot bar and dessert $6ea which was a bargain so decided to add it and wondered what was on the hot bar... we ordered drinks and said we all wanted the add on and the cashier said ok and wanted paying which confused us as we hadn't ordered mains! Soon made sense when we sat down!

It was like a buffet, there was meatballs & pasta, brisket and mash, nuggets, wings, wedges, lots of salad and other food plus cakes and ice cream. We ate too much and didn't want our mains... dd literally didn't eat a bite of hers! They also bought us honey glazed dinner rolls out. Dd had bacon burger because they had no tenders... she ate nuggets and spaghetti with meat balls off the hot bar. Ds had steak n jumbo shrimp I had New York strip steak with jacket. Cecil had steak with endless shrimp. So much was wasted but the steak was good, definitely dont bother with mains just eat the buffet like everyone else, wish we had known, bill was $120 with tip!

I have to say the steaks were really good and we were all making weird noises due to eating so much but of course we had to try the ice cream as it melts and fills the gaps! It was standard buffet machine ice cream. We couldn't eat another bite and went home to sleep it off!

Today we went to volcano bay which I'll post about tomorrow, thanks for reading!

darbs 14 Aug 19 09:18 PM

Sizzler is a lot of food!

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