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byeo 29 Sep 20 09:52 AM

VH Fly Drive 2022
Iíve just been browsing Virgin Holidays pricing up a fly drive for 2022. I was hoping to get prices for mid - late September but it seems their website is only showing up to 30th August 2022 right now.

I can find prices for a full package for my specific dates. Just not a fly drive.

Does each day pop up as it goes, so tomorrow weíll see dates for the 31st August show up or are they in blocks? Also, would I have to wait for the return date to show up, Iím planning on a 21 night stay.

AMH 29 Sep 20 11:27 AM

Do you get any Disney hotel options when you search?

tracey1302 29 Sep 20 04:52 PM

Iíve also tried this and got nothing.

No Disney hotels. You can get a price for the Dolphin earlier in the year but thatís it.

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