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jdouds 7 Sep 19 03:52 PM

Done both, yosemite for us, we find it more interactive as you can do lots of walks etc and it's more intimate .

scush 7 Sep 19 03:57 PM

Done both, loved both! I'd bat for the Grand Canyon side tho if i had to choose.

Frankie & gang 7 Sep 19 04:03 PM

Done both & loved both. I would return to Yosemite but not Grand Canyon. If I had to choose one Yosemite would win

Olympiad 7 Sep 19 08:37 PM

Done both and loved both.

Yosemite will probably be easier though to work in to a west coast itinerary as GC is a fair trek inland. If you're including Vegas in your trip then a possible compromise would be to do go to the West rim of the GC which will give a taste (but doesn't compare to the south or north rims).

Happy planning!

Casey12 7 Sep 19 11:00 PM

Done both will do Yosemite again, itís top of the list for our retirement trip 😁 Grand Canyon will be done if we are going past. Not going out of our way to go back but itís much higher on the list than Vegas - never again :d:

EandHmum 8 Sep 19 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by jocat (Post 14058859)
Although I havenít been to the Grand Canyon, so cannot give you a true comparison of the two, Yosemite would be my choice - it was the part of our California road trip that stood out for me and would be a must do for me on a future trip. Thereís just so much to see there.

Iím not normally an outdoors type of person, but I was just blown away by the surroundings.

That's really useful thanks. We are also not hugely outdoorsy but I do love a good view :)

EandHmum 8 Sep 19 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by TinkerBabe (Post 14059075)
We loved Yosemite and would highly recommend it, and we are going to Grand Canyon next august so will be able to compare after that. Our first west coast trip started in San Fran then we went to Yosemite, from there we went over to Highway 1 (PCH) and stayed in Capitola, Monterey and Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. We then travelled to LA, then finally drove via Death Valley to Las Vegas. It was an epic 3 week trip and probably the best we have ever had. We knew weíd come back to Vegas at some point (which is were we are going next summer) so we saved Grand Canyon for our next trip 😊

Ahh that sounds great, we are also going to LA & Vegas so thats really useful information on potential stops and a route - thanks so much:)

EandHmum 8 Sep 19 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by smithlane (Post 14059157)
Iíve been very lucky to have been to both this year.
In February we went to the Grand Canyon for the night as part of a week in Vegas. It was very unfortunate that Arizona was having a huge snow storm so we didnít get to see the Canyon in its full glory, but we could still appreciate its magnitude and beautiful views
However we have recently returned from a 3 week California road trip where we ended in Yosemite for 3 nights. What can I say? Hands down the most breath taking place Iíve ever been. I actually shed a tear when we got to Tunnel View then again the next morning when we made it up to Glacier Point for the sunrise.
I don't think youíd regret going to either but for me Yosemite wins my vote

I was originally veering towards Grand Canyon but you are swaying me! :)

EandHmum 8 Sep 19 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by JudyC (Post 14059295)
I've done both but I would say the other way around 100% Yosemite. It's a difficult choice as both are awesome in the true sense of the word.
The reason being is because unless you fly over the Grand Canyon you can't see the full scale of it. Whereas as in Yosemite you are looking up from the valley floor at El Capitan and Half Dome, plus the view from Glacier Point is amazing.

That's a really good point, I hadn't thought of that!

Puddle5 8 Sep 19 09:34 PM

Done both but enjoyed Yosemite much more. More different landscapes at Yosemite and better walking.

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