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3disneykids 4 Jan 19 09:28 PM

How often are you on the DIBB
I was just wondering what the general pattern is for people. I almost have a dibbdiction and am on regularly lol and just wondered how often everyone else visits :grin:

This is based on regular usage not any one offs where you are in the middle of nowhere with no Wi-fi lol:pgig::pgig:

Floridaagogo 4 Jan 19 09:30 PM

More than I care to admit .😳😳

sammykitten 4 Jan 19 09:31 PM

every day - once i'm home from work and dinner is done etc, i usually browse on the lappy for most of the evening :). If the weather is pants at the weekend and I've nothing planned, i could well be on a lot of the day as well.

Ciano 4 Jan 19 09:37 PM

I don't think I'd like to know how many times a day I check in! Have done for many years now. At least I'm not wasting my time on fb!

DisneyDaffodil 4 Jan 19 09:40 PM

Way more than I should be according to DH 😂 I pop on here throughout most days and evenings, only for a few minutes at a time but just to check threads Iíve contributed to or to join in the chat on new threads. I donít work, only as a volunteer one day a week, so I am home alone a lot. Although I am happy at home and not a lonely person, I do find the Dibb is my friendship group where I can come and chat throughout the day

Smilesonfaces 4 Jan 19 09:41 PM

Not admitting... too much !

Infinity Red 4 Jan 19 09:42 PM

I do dip in once a day minimum, sometimes I can miss a day, or longer if on holiday and I don't take my kindle lol. I don't always have time to make comments or obviously read all posts but I do generally take a peek once a day 😀
I must admit if I don't know something or want to check anything my fave saying is " I'll ask the Dibb" lol

PoohBears#1fan 4 Jan 19 09:43 PM

Varies. On a day off if Iím home then several times a day, workday maybe once.

If Iím busy or away then probably once a week or less.

Scully 4 Jan 19 09:45 PM

what if you're on for 16 consecutive hours a day - does that mean once?

sammykitten 4 Jan 19 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by Scully (Post 13628549)
what if you're on for 16 consecutive hours a day - does that mean once?

yes, yes it does ;)

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