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SquishTheWhale 21 May 19 08:13 PM

The Girl With The Whale Tattoo eats Disney- onsite DDP/offsite food report May 2019- COMPLETE
Hi all! I'm just back from an amazing two weeks in Orlando and I'd like to share with you my first ever dining report.

So what can you expect? Will we whale on all the food? Will I end up the size of a whale? Will we have a whale of a time? Will the movie rights to 'The Girl with the Whale Tattoo' ever be picked up? Will I run out of whale puns? Read on and you might find out the answers to possibly some of these questions!

Who we are

I'm Sammy, aka yes you know it, The Girl with the Whale Tattoo. This trip was just myself and my husband. We love travelling and eating, and although mostly we cruise, Florida is one of our favourite places!

The stats:

Age: 33
Loves: Donuts
Hates: Mayonnaise
Favourite Disney film: Tangled


Age: 33 going on 14
Loves: Pizza and burgers
Hates: Vegan food
Favourite Disney film: Pirates of the Caribbean

We went to Orlando in October 2017 for 10 days as part of our Honeymoon, that time we did everything except Disney. So we knew we had to come back and do Disney! I've been to Disneyland and we've been to DLP a few times but never Disneyworld. DH did go when he was 4 and swears he remembers some of it but I'm pretty sure he's making that up.

This time we were staying onsite at Port Orleans Riverside for 7 nights and offsite at the Rosen Plaza on IDrive for 7 nights. The idea was to only do Disney the first week and only do SeaWorld/DC/Aquatica/Busch the second, but as well know the best laid plans end up changing! We booked this holiday in April 2018 and received free QSDP which we upgraded to the DDP. As we mostly cruise we are used to having a nice sit down meal in the evening, and there was lots of table service places I wanted to try! In the end I did find it a bit stressful making all the ADRs on time, but even so we were glad to try it.

The itinerary and where we ate:

Day 1: Travel from Gatwick with Virgin economy, V-room, Riverside food court
Day 2: POFQ food court, Hollywood studios, Woodys lunchbox, Boma
Day 3: MK, BOG, O'hanas
Day 4: Blizzard Beach, Homecomin
Day 5: Animal Kingdom, Satuli Canteen, Yak and Yeti
Day 6: Typhoon Lagoon, Riverside food court, California Grill
Day 7: Epcot, Flower and Garden festival booths, Teppan Edo
Day 8: Disney Springs Daily Poutine and 4 Rivers, cantina Bahama Breeze
Day 9: Premium outlets Five Guys and Teriyaki place, Citywalk voodoo donuts
Day 10: SeaWorld Waterway grill, Florida Mall Shake Shack, Seito Sushi
Day 11: Discovery Cove, Giordanos Pizza
Day 12: Busch Gardens Dragonfire grill, Olive Garden
Day 13: SeaWorld Seafire grill, Aquatica, Rosen Plaza
Day 14: Clearwater beach, Maccy Ds, Shake Shack
Day 15: Animal Kingdom, Satuli Canteen, Chick fil a, Virgin plane food

I may have forgotten one or two places in that list so bare with me if it doesn't totally match up! Just sorting through photos and then I'll get going!

Craig_ld 21 May 19 08:50 PM

Looking forward to reading

JenD1 21 May 19 09:03 PM

Really looking forward to this! Especially as we’ll be at POR😃 next year.

JenD1 21 May 19 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by Craig_ld (Post 13858435)
Looking forward to reading

There at same time 👍🏻

Kat11 21 May 19 09:05 PM

Following along. You have some similar ADR choices to us.


theCMG 21 May 19 09:41 PM

great to see this, looking forward to it :tongue: nice title :D

collybird 21 May 19 10:39 PM

SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I hope you had a wonderful time.

SquishTheWhale 21 May 19 11:49 PM

Thank you all for following! :D We did have a great time, of course there's always highs and lows but we made some amazing memories.

Day 1- 4th May 2019- Travel, V-Room, Port Orleans Riverside

A quick note on the previous day!

So on our pre travel day we drove down to Gatwick around 5pm and stopped off at Cobham services for a cheeky Nandos, which I won't bore you with a picture of as you all know what Nandos looks like! We live in Milton Keynes and it was supposed to take 2hrs to drive down but due to traffic took 3. We stayed at the A23 Airport Way Premier Inn- usually we stay at the North terminal one but this worked out around £25 cheaper. You can walk between them in about 5 minutes so it's not a big deal. It was fine, you know what a Premier Inn is like! You can't go wrong. We parked in the Summer Special Gatwick parking which is just down the road.

The next morning we checked out around 9am, our flight was at 1pm and we wanted to get to the airport nice and early to make use of the V-Room! Plus we hadn't booked breakfast at the Premier so we were hungry. We got to the V-Room bang on 10am which is the earliest we could get there lol. We booked it as part of our Virgin package and despite my best attempts couldn't get it for free, we paid £22 each which we felt was well worth it.

Here's some pictures of the V-Room offerings

The Star Wars cupcakes were because it was May the 4th.

There was also hot drinks, a coke freestyle machine, a pancake machine, juices etc and you could pay extra to upgrade to included alcholic drinks. We didn't do that as we don't really drink much, especially at 10am lol.

Will continue tomorrow! :)

vampiress88 22 May 19 12:06 AM


scouse_minx 22 May 19 07:27 AM

Great start! Have an amazing time :)

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