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Minnie4Mickey 26 Jun 19 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by SquishTheWhale (Post 13921517)
Thank you! I was thinking about that lobster from Bahama Breeze just the other day, mmm.

I use Flickr to upload photos, similar to photo bucket in that you upload and then click share and copy/paste the code into here. Easy to use, the only annoying thing is the code includes a URL back to your Flickr account and some text that I have to delete every time!

Just did a dummy run and I see what you mean, what part of it is it that you delete? sorry, I can't figure it out myself.

SquishTheWhale 28 Jun 19 11:01 AM

Sorry for the delay in replying! Had to get on my laptop rather than mobile.

I click share and then choose the last option, BB code. The whole code is like this:

url=]img]]/url][url=https://www./p/2gcSrRn]P46/url] by url=]My name/url], on Flickr

I've edited my name out and changed the URLs so they won't work, and I've removed some of the brackets so the whole thing will show as code and not just post the picture

The bit in bold is what you want to keep, delete everything else. So you just want the bits in the [img] brackets. If you don't delete that it will say your name next to the picture and will have a link back to your flickr account. Not a big deal but I have some non food report stuff on there I don't want linking back to.

DiddyDan 1 Jul 19 09:28 AM

Thank you so much for sharing your food trip report with us :) Iíve really enjoyed reading this and itís given me lots of ideas for our trip in October!

Good luck on buying a house and starting a family! Hopefully it wonít be too long until the next trip!

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