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spestell 1 Sep 19 06:40 PM

quick budget trip, advice please:)
Hi, we have been to Florida 8 times over the last 25 years, but have always stayed in a villa, with car hire. Our autistic son is 30 in January and as it is his favourite place on earth we were thinking of surprising him with a 7 day trip to just do disney. We spent 18 days there in March this year so, we were thinking low budget! Hotel with free disney shuttle would be helpful. Any ideas on good hotels to try? Needs to have one room for all three of us, preferable with one double and a single, or two doubles. No sofa bed, as he is very tall. Looking for January 2020. Have found on Perfect Holidays 7 nights at Red Lion Hotel incl breakfast and flights with Delta for £855. Anyone stayed there?

Princess Alison 1 Sep 19 06:44 PM

Is it worth looking at the Rosen Inn on international drive? Weíve not been there but bumped into some people last week who were staying there for a budget holiday and seemed to enjoy it.

I would add though that you might want to consider somewhere with a kitchen as eating out was definitely more expensive this summer

spestell 1 Sep 19 07:10 PM

thanks, Ill take a look at that. Yes we found eating our was much more expensive when we were there in March this year. The low dollar doesn't help:(

OB1LukeLucas 1 Sep 19 07:13 PM

Not stayed at the Red Lion Hotel, our budget trips are usually spent at the Rosen at Pointe which we really love. Itís a good location for restaurants and the rooms are clean and comfortable.

kerrie1781 1 Sep 19 07:14 PM

Have you tried looking on site? Iíve just looked at TC for you and itís around 780 each staying at all stars? You wouldnít need transport money as it would be free to parks. Plus your son may find it less stressful with shorter journeys etc! The price may also drop - Thomas Cook usually have cheap last minute deals! X

OB1LukeLucas 1 Sep 19 07:14 PM

If you want to be nearer Disney the Clarion Inn seems to be highly recommended on here and Iím sure they do free shuttles. The Rosen only did Universal.

scoobydooby 1 Sep 19 07:17 PM

I havenít stayed at the Rosen but my work colleague has and said it was clean and felt safe. Fine for the low price. I didnít ask about shuttles. There are some UK Vloggers who have stayed there and I think did a room tour. I think it was the Lodge Guys but not 100% sure.

pluto99 1 Sep 19 07:19 PM

clarion inn lbv

squishy 2 Sep 19 08:17 AM

Most rooms will have 2 doubles; I seem to remember the Red Lion (I was looking at) has a resort fee, so thatís worth double checking for price comparisons. If I was just doing Disney, Iíd want to stay about Lake Buena Vista - stayed at the Comfort Inn years ago and it was fine (included free breakfasts for several mornings), but no kitchenette

Picalily 2 Sep 19 10:05 AM

Another vote for Clarion LBV, it has free shuttles to Disney and does not pick up from other hotels. They are not as good as they used to be but quite adequate and once there you can use Disney transport

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