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SussexFamily 7 Sep 20 02:46 PM

What is the very last movie you watched? Do you recommend it?
What is the very last movie you watched? Do you recommend it?

Over to you Barry Norman type dibbers!

Kd0758 7 Sep 20 03:20 PM

We watched Bad Samaritan yesterday. We thought it was really good but when I googled it afterwards it had quite poor reviews.

It does stress me out watching thriller-type things though, always waiting for someone to jump out from behind a wall or something :d:

stecee 7 Sep 20 03:21 PM

At the cinema, Tenet, no, I wouldnít recommend it, itís too confusing.
At home, Zombieland Double Tap, if youíve seen the first itís a must, great fun, recommended.

the_weird_one 7 Sep 20 03:22 PM

We saw Tenet

Its definitely worth a watch and being a Nolan movie worth seeing if you can in IMAX.

Macca04 7 Sep 20 03:24 PM

Luce, watched on Sky over the weekend I like Tim Roth but this film was boring, not much happened.

Sandra & co 7 Sep 20 03:28 PM

I watched can you keep a secret on Netflix, what a load of twaddle! :erm:

catherinesian 7 Sep 20 03:36 PM

The Incredibles 2. Fantastic :D

Before that, it was Get Hard, starring Will Ferrell. Fairly amusing, a light hearted film and quite easy to watch.

keeley78 7 Sep 20 03:41 PM

Bit old now but Taken 3 last night, we watched 1&2 last week, very over the top action scenes but I enjoyed them, the newest film we watched was The invisible man, enjoyed it but certainly not one of the best films Iíve seen

Princess Alison 7 Sep 20 04:10 PM

We watched The Breakfast Club last night - really enjoyed it

THE WIZARD 7 Sep 20 04:14 PM

Watched Finding your Feet over weekend, enjoyed it so much ordered the DVD from Amazon to keep & view whenever I feel like being cheered up (even tho some of its a bit sad)

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