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pretty71 19 Aug 18 12:16 AM

A Southern Adventure August 18th 2018 Day 11

August 18th 2018 Day 11

This morning we had no plans to dash out and visit anywhere which is just as well as I didn't open my eyes until 6.43!

I got out of bed and started to do some more packing and got my DH to make me a cuppa :) I wanted to do as much packing this morning as possible so I didn't have to do loads later. I packed for about an hour (well it was more organising than packing!) and then I made the breakfast at about 8 and I face timed my Mum and Dad from under the lanai.

At 9.30, something happened that made me very happy indeed. I was looking out over the canal and I saw 2 cranes flying down and they came and landed right under our oak tree. This was amazing to see them so close and we took some photos. They started off by one of them keeping a look out while the other one ate all the seed and then they would swap. They were there for a time and then I felt brave so I went out the gate to take a closer look and to be honest I couldn't believe how close I could actually get! It was unbelievable. We started off being really quiet as we didn't want to see them off but as time went on we just carried on as normal. they were with us for 5 hours! I loved it they were like part of our family, they did lots of eating, pruning and sleeping while they were with us and then. They just walked off in the end, but what a great time to have them with us :) I will bore you with all the picture now.

We also had another visitor that morning...

Got too much food was eaten today, Daddy and Grandad watched the Chelsea v Arsenal game on the TV and Daddy had to come and jump in the pool when Chelsea scored and Mummy had to jump in if Arsenal wasn't long before Daddy came running out... twice! It was a bit of a performance though as he didn't have his trunks on so he had to mess about and put them on! I had my moment though and Grandad came and said we had scored so I got up and jumped straight in...Grace loved it :) :)

More pool fun happened anyway until 3 o clock again... We tidied everything away properly this time though as we were leaving in the morning so the big pink flamingo and other pool toys we had borrowed went back in the garage :(

We showered up and were out the door at 3.45 and did a stop at Race Trac to fuel up ready for our drive to Miami in the morning.

We were on our way to Cracker Barrel as it was Saturday and chicken and rice day woo hoo. We arrived at 4.15 and were seated at a massive round table. There was much debate about which sides to choose but we soon got there and ordered. I had chicken and rice with corn and brocolli and I have to say it was delicious! I decided not to have a pudding but Grace ordered 1 pancake with syrup and Nanny and Daddy had the chocolate Coca Cola cake. It wasn't that great to be honest a bit dry, it did not live up to it's expectations.

We could hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance so only had a very quick look around the store before we decided to get back in the car before the rain started. We started back and only had one stop which was Publix to make for milk and some peanuts for the night. We did hit a little rain on the way home nut Daddy was driving and he did a great job, it wasn't that bad.
Grandad dashed in to Publix and we all waited in the car as it was still raining a little, he wasn't long and we arrived home at about 6.20pm. A packing frenzy then began and just after 7 we had done everything we could. This was when we opened all the alcohol we had left and started to finish that.

We sat in front of the TV while I did the trip report and watched some rubbish TV but we were chatting to be honest and not watching it. The weather today had been great, all the reports had said it was not going to be good from about midday but it was fantastic still at 3pm, I didn't want to come in. the rain came while we were out and it is lovely again out there now. I am about to put Grace to bed and then we will sit outside for the last time. :(

I will get the report written as we go along tomorrow but am not sure when I will get it posted, probably when we arrive at the Premier Inn in Manchester if I cannot get on at the airport.\Our plans are to fly Miami to Frankfurt tomorrow night and then it's just about a 2 hrs layover in Frankfurt before we land at 11am on Monday morning in Manchester. We then go straight to the same Premier Inn for some rest before we drive home Monday night.

See you on the other side and thanks very much for reading along.

app 19 Aug 18 12:48 AM

New Photo Added by pretty71 - 19 Aug 18 12:48 AM.

mick 19 Aug 18 10:18 AM

Packing to come home is a chore compared to packing to go :pgig:

Have a safe journey home

Joan :wave:

Mortimer Mouse 20 Aug 18 07:59 AM

A nice relaxing day. We always gets really stressed packing, as we never have enough space for it all, so something has to be left behind.
Safe journey home.

Jake71 24 Aug 18 06:38 AM

A lovely last day. Cool photos of your new family members. Hope your trip home was good. Thanks for taking the time to share Iíve enjoyed reading along.

OB1LukeLucas 24 Aug 18 01:57 PM

I hate packing-hope you have a safe journey home.

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