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MillyMoo 21 Mar 19 06:33 PM

DAS questions
Was just wondering about these passes, dd6 has autism and sensory processing disorder and it would help her greatly if we could get one.
Do you go in the fp line at the time given to you? How do you get the time in the first place?
And do you have to visit guest services each day you go to the park or for the whole of your stay?

Thank you very much for your help!

beegnjasmum 21 Mar 19 07:23 PM

Hi, you go to guest services at whichever park you visit first. Your dd will have her magic band notified as DAS. You don't need to go back to guest services again during the holiday.
When you arrive at a ride, go to the fastpass queue and they'll give you a time to return, e.g. if it's test track and the wait time is 80 minutes then it'll be a similar time for you to return. Then head back to the FP queue when your time is up and you'll join the FP queue.
As far as I remember there's no time limit on a DAS ride, but you can't book a second one until the first one is used.
Hope that makes sense. X

jane 21 Mar 19 07:59 PM

We have got DAS both times we have been really easy just go to guest services ( magic kingdom is best) ask about it they will take picture and scan band then you are all set to go , it only saves 10 mins of fast past time but we went in November and feb and the longest we waited was 30 mins

dreamisawish 21 Mar 19 08:04 PM

Like others have said, head straight to guest services. Once you have the DAS and find a ride you want you approach the cast member with an ipad or iphone looking device. You must go to Guest Services with your entire party if you want to able to all use the DAS. No more then 5 people can use it though, I believe.

- They will scan your band and give you a return time. This return time will turn up in MDE for all your party.

- It will be 10 minutes less then the standby wait- so if it's a 25 standby wait you'll have a 15 minute wait. You can head back whenever you want after this 15 minutes, they do not expire.

- You will go through the fast pass line on your return.

- You can combine this with standby waits if you think a standby wait is manageable for you- i.e. you could get a return time for a long wait ride and then get into standby in another one.

- You can combine also with fast passes, they do not override each other.

- You can only have one return time at once.

- You will only be able to use the DAS if the person with the DAS, your daughter in this case, is riding herself.

It's a good system and I hope it makes your holiday easier!

MillyMoo 22 Mar 19 06:37 AM

That's fab thank you very much! You dont get a lanyard or anything like that then? It's all done with your magic band?
And do you know if it's the same for universal studios?
Thank you again!

disneywiseowl 22 Mar 19 06:58 AM

Similar system at US but you get a paper pass. The attendant will write down your return time, - or let you join the FP line immediately, if the lines not too long. In general, they’re not as strict as Disney staff.

* in Disney, look out for large Parasols near some of the ride entrances. Cast members with tablets are located there. They issue Rider Switch passes as well.

MillyMoo 22 Mar 19 07:30 AM

Thank you so much for your help! It's so great that they do things like this

gismo1554 22 Mar 19 08:20 AM

Also take everyone in the parties magic bands with you to guest services (only the person needed the DAS actually needs to go in for the photo but you probably want to go with them). This way they will all be linked to the DAS and you will all be able to ride together. I think they take up to 5 others officially but I've heard some CMS will link more if you have a very large party.

Mazbar 22 Mar 19 08:31 AM

A word of warning for the attractions with very long wait lines, I was watching Tim tracker and he said about fast pass is about a 3rd of the wait of a stand by line. So if you are going on a attraction with a 3 hour wait fop for example you can still be waiting for 1 hour to get on.

MillyMoo 22 Mar 19 08:40 AM

I watched that one aswell! Do you have to still stand in the line if it's that long or would it be more time specific with a pass? Sorry if that's a silly question!

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