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minnie5 2 May 16 12:37 PM

Can anyone help please?
Just tried to check in online for tomorrow but it has said that I cannot check in i have to go to airport to check in? Mine flagged up in red! Hubby and 2 boys were able to proceed but not me😥 Have rang virgin they have said that not to worry it sometimes flags up certain people for security checks😮 And that il be fine when i check in tomorrow im now going to worry all day😞 Anyone else experienced this?

Twinklestar1 2 May 16 12:40 PM


Not had the experience, but extra security is in place everywhere - the parks have extra security screening of 'randomly selected' people etc.

Try not to worry - I am sure it will be fine. Hope you all have a lovely time.

caspdex 2 May 16 12:40 PM

It is quite common, no need to panic.

signtalker 2 May 16 12:45 PM

Yep did this to dh last month, checked in okay at the airport though, only thing I thought it could be was when I did online checkin I only put in dh first and last name, but on his passport it has his middle name.

It was all fine when we got there


minnie5 2 May 16 01:08 PM

Thanks all il let u know tomorrow 👍 On route to Manchester now😀😀😀

nickimiz 2 May 16 01:20 PM

Yes, happened to us, no problems at the airport - as for the security at the parks, even after the bag check my DH was pulled out several times for extra security, must look dodgy !

pchivvy 2 May 16 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by minnie5 (Post 11566793)
Thanks all il let u know tomorrow 👍 On route to Manchester now😀😀😀

Have a great time.

I was preselected a few years ago- it simply meant that at every stage I was selected for the additional checks, eg pat down after the scanning machine. No great shakes at all.

Mrs B 2 May 16 01:26 PM

Oh you lucky thing! I'm sure it will be fine! Happy holidays!

minnie5 2 May 16 01:29 PM

Very excited thanks everyone i feel a bit better knowing its happened to other people i can relax with a few G&T's at the hotel when we get there 👍

Mrs B 2 May 16 01:30 PM

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