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pretty71 25 Aug 16 12:33 PM

Beaching It With The Poole's Day 11 August 2016

Grandad the Hunter!

Today consisted of a late night shopping visit which is why I am writing this report the next morning, so apologies for it being late.

We woke up at our usual 6am and were out the door for 6.55am on the way to the beach above, Stump Pass Beach. We paid $3 to park and they have a little Boardwalk to get you on to the beach. The bay is on one side and the beach on the other and it is one of 4 islands I think.

The beach was beautiful and I know I say they are all lovely but they are and this I think is our favourite so far. It was practically deserted, but we did see one couple who we chatted to. They were locals and come down 5 days a week but avoid the weekend when it is busier.
We walked along and were rewarded with manatees swimming in the sea and a dolphin. It was too difficult to take pictures but it was amazing, we have seen dolphins before in the wild but never manatees, it was a real treat. You cannot see much of them but you do see their noses coming up...absolutely amazing :)

It was early so not too hot, there were also some people attending to the turtle egg sites, in fact we see these cordoned off on all the beaches, I will try and remember to get a photo actually.

Grace was in she'll picking mode today and had taken a bucket are her efforts after she washed them back at the villa.

We didn't walk far but we're still out for an hour which was plenty in the heat. We had water back at the car and made the use of the showers for our feet and the toilets...good facilities even at this smaller beach.
We stopped in for a few supplies at Walmart on the way back and were soon home.

Daddy and Grandad went out on the bikes and I made some coffee and got ready for the pool. At around 1pm we started the BBQ, today was salmon and chicken. I made the salad and we got some soft tortilla at the shop and it was all lovely and fresh again. Even though we have to do some preparation we have enjoyed having our meal out by the pool.

Here is the proud man at his BBQ :)

We were playing in the pool and then all of a sudden it started to rain, Grace thought it was hilarious to be in her swimsuit when it was raining. We then saw some lightning so we got out and stayed under the cover.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea :)

We came in it was around 2.50pm so we got showered and ready to go out as Grace was staying with Nanny and Grandad whilst we went and shopped till we dropped...yippee

We left after Grace had a little meltdown, she didn't want us to go without her and she wrote a big shopping list of things she wanted! It was 3.55pm when we eventually got out the door.

We needed some petrol so did a little detour before we arrived at Ellenton at 5.15pm. We were on a mission and our first stop was Tommy Hilfiger, one of our ultimate favourites.

I forgot to say the title of today's report was Grandad the Hunter ...see photo above :). He decided the pool needed an extra clean today so he did it in the pool and looked like this, it made me laugh.

The Tommy Hilfiger green jumper was in the 70% clearance at $16.99 and the blue polo top was $29.70, slim fit and daddy was very happy with both.

Grace's dress was $10.79 and the tops in the other picture were all from the 70% clearance rail too at $5.09 each. My white and blue top was $14.99

The hoodie for Grace was $20.99 at 40% off and the dress she is already wearing was from the 70% clearance rail at $7.79...bargain!

This is my gorgeous bag from Calvin Klein at 60% off so I paid $ it as it has 3 compartments so I may actually find what I need :)
Mick also got a shirt in there at 70% off and it was $18!

Next up was Bath and Body Works where we got the 6 hand washes for $18 and I did also get a mahogany teakwood large candle ;)

We went in to Nine West so I could look for some shoes to go with the wedding outfit, they had a lovely pair and a perfect height but they were not in my size...I still haven't got over it! They were only $19.99 too!

We went in to Ralph Lauren as well but we did not see anything we liked it was very disappointing in fact.
We left as the shops were closing at 9pm, we were back home at 10am and we had literally shopped until we dropped as we had been out for 6 hours and not eaten or drunk a thing which was a little foolish really.

We went to bed at 11pm after having some munchies :)

So I am done for yesterday going out to the pool now so I will see you later
Thanks for reading.

Jake71 25 Aug 16 01:54 PM

The beach looks lovely, and what a brilliant collection of shells. Can't wait to hear about your purchases from your shopping trip.

app 25 Aug 16 02:21 PM

New Photo Added by pretty71 - 25 Aug 16 2:21 PM.

mick 25 Aug 16 02:57 PM

That was a really good shopping spree:spin:

Joan :wave:

pretty71 25 Aug 16 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by Jake71 (Post 11935253)
The beach looks lovely, and what a brilliant collection of shells. Can't wait to hear about your purchases from your shopping trip.

Loved the beach and the shopping spree :)

pretty71 25 Aug 16 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by mick (Post 11935414)
That was a really good shopping spree:spin:

Joan :wave:

Really had fun thanks :)

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