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Sunshine79 6 Sep 14 10:08 PM

Getting married in florida
Hi all we booked our family holiday august 2015.we are now thinking of getting married whilst their . Have any of u done this any tips advice

Potterfan5686 6 Sep 14 10:21 PM

Myself and DH wanted so bad to do this, when we were planning we wanted to do it in a white chapel with a nice car just a few of us... In the end we never knew if we would actually get to florida or not.. 4 years later and we are finally going. We still had a fab wedding in Cyprus though.. Happy planning :) x

Littlep 6 Sep 14 10:21 PM

OMG yes we did it in 2008, it was fantastic. We got married in Cypress Grove Park. We then had our reception at Bice restaurant in universal. I would totally recommend it!

Littlep 6 Sep 14 10:23 PM

Oh. ... We used a wedding planner too, it's sooooooo much cheaper than getting married here!

scots minnie 6 Sep 14 10:26 PM

Yes we did it too! Got married in 2009 @ cocoa beach with close family. Amazing wouldn't change it for the world and everyone got a Amazing holiday 😃 do it you won't regret it! X

keith1973 6 Sep 14 10:33 PM

Were doing this in a week and a half

Finnybobs112 6 Sep 14 11:07 PM

Hi, we did this 10yrs ago with close family at Wyndham palace. After we went to planet Hollywood, downtown Disney. It was Hassel free and just what me and my husband wanted! We're going back to celebrate our anniversary (with two extra ones)! We booked it all through virgin, absolutely amazing!:grin:

mickeysard 6 Sep 14 11:20 PM

We did this in 2005 at Cyprus Grove Park..we arranged through Virgin the venue,Minister (Doris Bless her) Limo ,Video,Photographer,Flowers,Hair for the wife to be and Daughters.Wedding cake,We had to go to Osceola Courthouse to present our documents obtain our Licence to marry and swear on the Bible.But you know it was very easy and laid back with just the 4 of us and as it was second time around for both of us we wanted it to be special but without all the hassle and Drama Lol:grin: We would Totally recommend getting married in Orlando no matter how big or small your party is.:grin::grin::grin:

mollie10 6 Sep 14 11:28 PM

The girls at winter park chapel are lovely x

Cinnabon 6 Sep 14 11:30 PM

We got married in St Augustine on tbe beach in 2010, fantastic.

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