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Gill H 2 Sep 20 07:46 AM

Episode 21 - When in Paris, do as the Romans do - September 2020

In this episode of The Great British Mickey Waffle, we focus on our ‘local’ Disney park – Disneyland Paris. Ben and Becca tell us about their recent trip, and how DLP is welcoming everyone back. It’s good to hear that hand sanitiser doesn’t wash off the pixie dust!

Then we all share our best tips and tricks for visiting Disneyland Paris, so if you are planning a first time visit, have your notebook handy.

Two friends of the show take on our Carousel of Questions this month.
First we hear from Nathan Staker. Nathan can be found at:


Zoe from ‘The British Life’ YouTube channel then gives us her views. Zoe is at:


Saturday Night DIScussions:

Check out Episode 24 where Ben and Becca are guests.

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Waffle on!

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fileyboy 3 Sep 20 09:43 AM

Sound issues
Hi Guys loving the podcast and appreciate you may all be new to this but is there any way you can take a look at the sound the main issues is the left and right stereo channels being used independently so one presenter coming in you left ear and another in your right can cause big problems for some listeners as some device only play one Chanel so you only get half the conversation. Also the volume level sometimes blasts out. Don’t take this the wrong way you are doing a great job just thought it may be helpful.

Emma & Lloyd 3 Sep 20 11:24 AM

Funnily enough we only chatted about this yesterday after listening in the car.
We are on it!
Thanks for the feedback and thanks for listening.

Waffle On. 🧇

Emma & Lloyd 5 Sep 20 07:08 PM

All sorted.
Ben our tech magician has found the bug and sorted it.
He has uploaded the new version of the recording to our podcast platform.

Hats off to Ben!

Thanks as always for the feedback.

Waffle on.

fileyboy 6 Sep 20 03:11 PM

Brilliant I am sure the podcast is going to go from strength to strength now. We all need some Light relief and thoughts of holidays to cheer us up at the moment! Looking forward to the next episode in glorious Mono!

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