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MickeyFan 8 Sep 16 04:06 PM

My Magical Graduation - Day 12 Hollywood Studios

We've returns to Hollywood Studios. It's already so hot.

Already taking shelter from the sun in Star Tours.

We had to meet Goofy as its our nans favourite character.

Entering one mans dream now. An exhibit about Walt Disney and Disney World.

Walt Disney school desk.

The desk that Walt Disney worked at.

Bit of Toystory Midway Mania before going to see Beauty and the Beast.

Lauren and Is score. I never win this one, no arm strength.

At the Beauty and the Beast theatre.

Took a break for a muffin at Starring Roles. It was amazing.

Dad found a cheese board for $7.49 on the snack plan at Writers stop. Great value.

Muppet Vision.

Can't count the number times we have been on Tower of Terror this holiday.

Same faces every time.

We are at the Animal Kingdom lodge tonight for a meal at Sanaa.

I love how close the animals get.

Sanaa restaurant is themed very well.

My tandoori chicken was really good.

Mums lamb shank.

Dads selection of meat.

Lauren's steak.

Dessert trio.

Love how close the Giraffe is to us! Amazing!

We have returned back to Hollywood Studios to stake out our spot for the Star Wars fireworks.

Star Wars fireworks are now the best in Disney! It's so clever.

Floridaagogo 8 Sep 16 09:05 PM

Ooh the cheese board looks lovely !

Mjspin 8 Sep 16 11:26 PM

We missed Beauty and the Beast so far. Looks to be really good.

app 9 Sep 16 03:33 AM

New Photo Added by MickeyFan - 9 Sep 16 3:33 AM.

Megandllsmum 9 Sep 16 06:32 AM

Another great day Sanaa looks amazing... both the meal pics and the animal ones.

JenD1 9 Sep 16 08:25 AM

That cheese board as a snack credit...? Amazing!:)

mick 9 Sep 16 11:06 AM

A great day:spin: and even more fabulous photos

Joan :wave:

Jake71 22 Sep 16 09:24 AM

What a busy day - Hollywood Studios looks fab as always and the Star Wars fireworks look so good.

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