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WileyCoyote 23 Jul 16 11:38 PM

The Triple Treat Tour July 2016: New York,Washington & Orlando ** complete**
Will be here


I promise :D

19 days, 3 teens, 3 cities, planes , trains and automobiles

What can possibly go wrong ;)

Yes for avid followers of our previous travels, toilets, toes and tantrums do feature. Well you would be disappointed if they didn't :erm:

And shopping . Of course .

And maybe a few sights and parks along the way :d:

Pre Travel Day(s)

Travel Day - LHR-DUB-JFK, Broadway Plaza Hotel, Shake Shack Madison Square Park

Day 1 Part 1 Statue of Liberty

Day 1 Part 2 Wall Street, Julianas , Brooklyn Bridge

Day 2 Times Square, USS Intrepid, Juniors, Central Park

Day 3 Part 1 The Highline and Chelsea Market

Day 3 Part 2 Midtown Sights, Ellens Stardust Diner and Times Square

Day 3 Part 3 NY Mets Baseball and ESB at night

Day 4 TOTR, Grand Central Station,9/11 , Katz Deli, Outback Steakhouse

Day 5 Amtrak to Washington DC, Hilton Connecticut Ave and Fat Pete's BBQ

Day 6 Part 1 Arlington and Tune Inn Diner

Day 6 Part 2 Capitol Hill and Clyde's of Georgetown

Day 7 Part 1 Memorial Walk from Lincoln to the White House

Day 7 Part 2 Leaving DC and arriving in Orlando - Baja Fresh, Fuddruckers and Jet Blue

Day 8 Villa time, Walmart, Buffalo Wild Wings

Day 9 Busch Gardens, Ellenton Outlets, Millers Ale House

Day 10 Shootin',Shoppin',Steakin': Orlando Gun Club, I Drive Outlets, Texas Road House

Day 11 Get Your Knits out : Shopping at Vineland Outlets, Carbs at Perkins and Cocktails at House of Blues

Day 12 Discovery Cove, Cocktails Hurt Your Head , Mini Golf and Applebees

Day 13 Outlets and Outback (Steakhouse)

Day 14 Boats, Cars, Karts and No Lobster - Wild Florida, Funspot, Classic Cars and Red Lobster

Day 15 Its a Trap, Hash House a Go Go and Outlets

Day 16 SeaWorld, Waterworld, Food World - SeaWorld, Friendlys , RAIN , Mini Golf, Longhorns

Day 17 Universal Studios, NBC Grill, Hard Rock and Panda Express

Day 18 Kong ! Shopping, Margaritaville, IoA and Teen stuff

Day 19 Homeward Bound, NBC Grill, Aer Lingus Business Class and What Next ...

mobeckwith 24 Jul 16 12:04 AM

subscribing mo x :thumbs-up:thumbs-up:thumbs-up

Guest 24 Jul 16 06:39 AM

Welcome Home! Hope you had a great time!

Beaker's Fluff 24 Jul 16 07:01 AM

Can't wait:thumbs-up

CuriousAlice 24 Jul 16 07:02 AM

Looking forward to it. Hope you had a great time x

smithlane 24 Jul 16 08:29 PM

Yay! So looking forward to this 😁

Stardust5 24 Jul 16 08:54 PM

Love reading your trip reports with the teens, looking forward to it! :d:

WileyCoyote 25 Jul 16 04:30 PM

Ah thanks all, just making a start on pre travel day - whilst still finishing my written notes from our last but one day . I hate writing going home day, its too sad.
It was a fab trip - very typically us but good fun .

It was hot
Pokemon Go was released
We did alot of shopping
We walked over 70 miles over the three weeks
Which of course meant even more trainers were needed
We ate loads but not nearly enough desserts
We didnt miss not doing Disney
We didnt have a crash or have any crazy cab rides
So, all good really !

Twiga6 25 Jul 16 04:31 PM

Yay, can't wait!

WileyCoyote 26 Jul 16 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Twiga6 (Post 11836214)
Yay, can't wait!

Thank you - I just started travel day and already there is so much I had forgotten when i look at the photos :omg:

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