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caitlinsmummy 28 Dec 19 07:20 PM

Well done on the ADR front, we managed to get all we wanted too, it was much smoother than 2018!

We have our car hire through them also :) I keep checking to see if prices drop but nothing as of yet.

It'll fly by won't it, glad you all had a good Christmas, enjoy tonight xx

Eccle 29 Dec 19 07:03 PM

Following along, your plans sound great. We did similar in August with a mix of onsite Disney, Universal and villa. Definitely a good plan to save trying to do fireworks until you have had a few days to adjust too

Goldia 1 Jan 20 11:37 AM

I'm avoiding taking the decorations down by reading your pre trip report! Must actually get up and get moving, but this is way more fun!

Our first trip with the kids was a stay at CBR it's a fab resort we're going back this summer again and I can't wait to use the skyliner. I hope you have a magical holiday with your family. It seems like you've got a great plan together and I'm sure you will have a brilliant time.

vampiress88 1 Jan 20 12:30 PM

Looking forward to this. We are going only a few days before you I think.
We stayed in a villa last year and mine were 3&4 same age as your youngest two.

I really hope may get awesome weather and good bargains for us all

Bob_and_Dawn 1 Jan 20 03:59 PM

Hi Liz
Might see you at CRT as we have the same reservation times as you 😀


Elsa42 19 Jan 20 08:09 AM

Just caught up on your trip report looks like you have some great plans! It won’t be long before you countdown is gone and you’ll be on your way! Looking forward to more updates!

Heluvsme 19 Jan 20 04:52 PM

We will be there right around the same time! We go in May every year and it is the best weather, in my opinion :)
Have fun!

jothp 19 Jan 20 04:58 PM

Glad to hear that your ADRs went smoothly.

LizzyBear 27 Jan 20 12:59 AM

10 days til our double digit day and planning is in full swing :spin: I'm currently focusing on park itineraries and I think I have MK and Epcot 'down' :thumbs-up Here's hoping I can get the FPs we want in March! Working on AK but with things at Hollywood Studios being in such a state of flux at the moment it's tricky to plan there. The current situation with mega early park openings and even earlier queues for the ROTR boarding groups are making me very anxious, fingers crossed it's settled down a little by May although the new Runaway Railway will be open by then too so likely not :erm: I read that Smuggler's Run has been added to Fastpass so that's something I guess! I've been using Touringplans for itinerary planning and am finding it useful on the whole, although the 'optimise' function is giving some odd suggestions. I'm mostly using their templates and tweaking them to our needs adding/deleting rides as needed.
Another thing ticked off the list: Magicbands! I ordered 2 Descendants ones for the girls, a Mickey castle one for Dominic, a retro Minnie polka dots one for me and a Galaxy's Edge one for Ian. I would have preferred to wait for a different one (loved the Haunted Mansion wallpaper design that was available a while ago) but Nancy was desperate for the Descendants one so didn't want to take the chance of it selling out, shame you can't place more than one Magicband order for your group really but I guess that's something Disney might add in time.
I also rebooked our car hire with Alamo Brits as I managed to get the same booking minus a sat nav for £400. From my research it seems feasible to use one of our phones with offline Google Maps as a sat nav and we'll just bring our own cradle and cable for it.

Elsa42 27 Jan 20 08:13 AM

Seems like your plans are going well! It won’t be long now before your in double digits eeek 😁

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