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LizzyBear 2 Apr 20 01:41 AM

Unfortunately due to the escalating situation with the coronavirus we have made the difficult decision to cancel our holiday and hope to rebook for the same time next year. Just awaiting the FCO advice being extended so our flights are cancelled for a refund and we can start the travel insurance claim for our villa (I have heard of other owners being more flexible/sympathetic under the circumstances but unfortunately not in our case)
Take care everyone and hopefully we will have some semblance of normality back soon.

Alwaysdisley 2 Apr 20 02:22 AM

I know that there are more significant things going on in the world right now and you’ve made the best decision but I feel gutted for you. I can feel the excitement when I read your pre-trip posts.
Sorry your countdown is going up and not down 😘

Goldia 2 Apr 20 07:47 AM

I'm so sorry for you. It must have been very hard having to come to that decision. I hope you are able to sort everything out without too much fuss and that you are able to reschedule your trip for next year.

caitlinsmummy 2 Apr 20 10:13 AM

So sorry you've had to do this :( we're doing the same too, take care x

jothp 14 May 20 10:22 AM

I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip. I hope you manage to get all your money back and that you can reschedule once this nightmare is over.

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