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blusteryday 7 Jun 14 06:36 AM

DIBBcast Grand Day Out - Live Blog

Welcome to our Grand Day Out Live Blog. We're really excited about meeting old friends and new, as well as raising money for Cancer Research UK

Last night the team meet up, and it was the first time Grant and I had met in person! I know, crazy!

We met up with Mark, our wizard from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, who showed us round the Paradise Room - our "DIBBcast Towers" for the event! All of a sudden, the months of planning and laminating were starting to feel very, very real. And a little scary! Mark, and the BPB team have been amazing, and have helped us in so many ways.

We then went out for a fish and chip tea where, well, let's just say the conversation was lubricated with wine ;). Having finished some delicious fish and chips we retired to Geoff's pad at the Big Blue Hotel - wow, he must have booked the Presidential Suite, huge!

After a little more story telling, jokes and, ahem, wine we decided to call it a night as a long day was beckoning us.

And so to the day itself!

If anyone reading this remembers their wedding day, then perhaps you'll remember the mixture of excitement and nerves you experienced as you woke up? And perhaps a mild headache? ;). That's exactly how I feel right now...I really hope people have a good time today

The forecast is for sharp showers today, and so perhaps not the total monsoon that was predicted. Either way we have a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities planned. Let the games begin!

Everyone neat n pretty? Let's get on with the show! Oh, and it's raining. Like real Florida rain!

First up a background tour of the Alice ride

Time now for the Education Centre. And it's stopped raining! James is currently geeking out on the coaster models.

Words fail me

Yeah, we did it ;-)

Next up Infusion! Grants favourite ride

Time for a cracking ride Gromit!

A bit of drizzle now, but fortunately it's time for lunch.

Fed and watered. Gosh, what a spread! Time now for DIBB Airlines aka Flying Machines!

After the Flying Machines it was time for the Derby Racer... NEVER, EVER AGAIN!

Now, foolish mortal, we prepare to enter the World's most haunted ghost train. Gulp.

Wild Mouse time. Grant has opted out, wished me luck, and asked what colour lillies I'd like at my funeral. Gulp.

Nearly time for afternoon tea. :)

Now we're waiting for our exclusive one hour ride time on The Grand National. And the sun is beginning to shine! :)

A REAL Grand Day Out

The stage is set for the live dibbcast show!

It's been a brilliant day, supported by the most brilliant people.

Our Grand Day Out raised at least 1500 for Cancer Research. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let's do it again next year!

boltyboy 7 Jun 14 06:50 AM

Have a great time everyone! ... wish I was there but off to work today :(

blondie 7 Jun 14 07:04 AM

Have a fab day everyone ,sorry we couldnt be there to join/meet you all in person xx

Cinnabon 7 Jun 14 07:11 AM

Fantastic day out, than you all so much for organising the day.

DisneyArab 7 Jun 14 07:19 AM

Have a great day!

Jake71 7 Jun 14 07:47 AM

Have a fab day all.

Disneycraft 7 Jun 14 07:57 AM

Have fun everyone :grin:

Disney_time 7 Jun 14 08:16 AM

Have a blast everyone and hope the weather is kind.

MrsGrumpy 7 Jun 14 08:39 AM

Have a great day, so sorry we had to cancel :cry:

Megandllsmum 7 Jun 14 08:49 AM

Have a brilliant day today and hoping the weather isn't too cruel to you all. . . .sat in middle of thunderstorm here but fingers crossed if it's here it's not there!

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