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christybell 7 Jun 14 08:55 AM

Have fun

Beaker7929 7 Jun 14 09:00 AM

Eek! Have an amazing day :spin:

gtyrel10 7 Jun 14 09:17 AM

Have a fantastic time everyone!

So sad I am to far away haven't been to Blackpool in years it used to be our regular holiday destination!

Gemma xx

dubletrub 7 Jun 14 09:20 AM

Hope you all have a great day. :-)

jenny1745 7 Jun 14 09:21 AM

Have a great day

cheekytink 7 Jun 14 09:24 AM

Have a fab time, and I hope someone has been allocated to give the Gary Sinese-style safety briefing.

pandanne 7 Jun 14 09:26 AM

Have a fabulous day looking forward to the updates:spin:

Col Dude 7 Jun 14 09:32 AM

Have a great time everyone :D

James&Gemma 7 Jun 14 09:35 AM

Have fun everyone, we are gutted we couldn't come along x

lottie89 7 Jun 14 09:56 AM

Have a great day all! Me, Ed, Libby (oh_darling) and Ben are having our own mini southern Dibb meet today instead. Fewer roller coasters and more wine I imagine!

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