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purple myra 7 Jun 14 10:20 AM

Have a great time folks :)

Carol_G 7 Jun 14 11:04 AM

Have a fab time everyone.

vanlou 7 Jun 14 11:52 AM

Hope you all have a "Grand Day Out" :tiggerbou:tiggerbou

Bianca 7 Jun 14 12:33 PM

Fab to see the photos! :d:

Have a grand time everyone.

simbamad 7 Jun 14 12:40 PM

Hope you all have a great time, we hope to ne able to join you next time. :wave:

WileyCoyote 7 Jun 14 12:53 PM

Hope you are all having a fab time x

walt4it 7 Jun 14 01:50 PM

Great to see you are having a great day- live trip report/blog is a good way to keep us up to date with the grand day out.:wavey::wavey:
Still wish we could have been there tp share with you all but work got in the way again:(
With you all in spirit:wavey:

Gill635 7 Jun 14 03:04 PM

Have a great day, gutted to not be there! I'll be putting in leave for next year as soon as a dates announced!


Florida again 7 Jun 14 04:11 PM

Having a great day here on the GDO. Is Mel judging the nobbly knees competition?

djewkes 7 Jun 14 04:18 PM

So wish I was there too, have a great time everybody xxx

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