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adamtoonarmy 7 Jun 14 09:30 PM

Had a fantastic day with Lardzilla, Lardzuki Grace, Mr and Mrs Rollercoaster and all the other Diibers. Thanks Dibbcast team what a brilliant day

Cinnabon 7 Jun 14 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by kempydee (Post 9703893)
Had a great day here at Blackpool despite the rain. Going into the pleasure beach again tomorrow - so that bump can have some more donuts. (thanks to Cinnabon for starting that pregnancy craving! )

Sorry for that, it will have to be Krispy Kremes back in Leeds. :grin:

paulaandhappy 7 Jun 14 09:51 PM

Had a great day meeting some fellow dibbers can't wait until next years thanks the dibbcast for a grand day out :-)

Blondie1979 7 Jun 14 10:39 PM

Thank you DIBBcast for a Grand Day Out! Had a fabulous day and met some lovely Dibbers.

Can't believe I won 2 day tickets to DLP:spin::spin: It is an obvious sign that I had to go back!

Anna x x

gettingthere 7 Jun 14 10:43 PM

looks great...years since i have been in blackpool,and great way to fundraise.

blusteryday 7 Jun 14 11:00 PM

We hope to confirm the details of 2015's GDO really soon.

Florida again 7 Jun 14 11:11 PM

Fantastic, Rob and all the DIBBcast team :) really enjoyed today and hope to join you on the next GDO to. Enjoy your wine in the bar, you all deserve it :beer2:

Twentyyears 7 Jun 14 11:25 PM

So glad you all had a great day, hope to make it next year when no GCSEs...
Well done for the money raised too!

blusteryday 8 Jun 14 08:40 PM

Glad to hear everyone is getting home safe and sound. If you have 5 mins, would you mind completing this anonymous survey about the day? It'll help us with our planning for GDO2015, thanks everyone!

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