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Myakka17 19 May 19 06:56 PM

Anyone here a HR advisor?
After some help, inventive and forward thinking!

I am employed as a job share. We both work 20/20 hours.

How can I present a request to my employer for the job to be individual ( no extra hours so no costs incurred) rather than job share?

Please just comment if you have experience in HR so I can pm u with all the details.


Ricky_Spanish 19 May 19 07:14 PM

I'm told this would require formal consultation unless the the other position is vacant, in which case just ask them. There has to be a business reason to support any form of contractual change.

Myakka17 19 May 19 07:26 PM

It's slightly more complicated than that can I pm you?

lizzie145 19 May 19 08:05 PM

It often depends on the role as there are differences in a job share role and part time role

Bootrip2 19 May 19 08:12 PM

I used to work a job share and took on the whole role, the other person was redeployed in another role. This was in the NHS and some time ago.

Myakka17 19 May 19 08:27 PM

We both work part time in the emergency services and job share BUT I am retiring soon ( having completed my time! ) my job share will be remaining. I would like to return to the same position as a civilian. Therefore one of us would be Em Services the other civilian .
At the moment they claim it us one em services position divided equally 20/20 hours per week.
I am trying to write a report and looking for inspiration how I can suggest they could change the role across.

scoobydooby 19 May 19 10:15 PM

I donít think this is an HR issue. You are retiring and wishing to start again with a new job. So you have no retained employment rights. I suppose the harsh fact is this would be convenient for you but may or may not be for the employer. Or your current job share who will be the person with the contract and all the rights I would think.

lizzie145 19 May 19 10:47 PM

Will you be doing the same job?
Same hours?
Same pay as your colleague?

When half of the job share retires they need to find someone to fill it or they could insist that it becomes a full time role

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