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gemma-lou 25 Jul 19 08:04 PM

Bored so letís play a game, youíve landed, chucked your bags in your room and...

Check the room out and have a Mose around the hotel/resort then head to Disney springs for a fix of Disney with out using a ticket

Go Walmart and grab the essentials, food and drink

Then pinch myself that Iím really home again

Eeyore rocks 25 Jul 19 08:06 PM

Put the cases in the room...then go to Walmart. 😎

Lovesholidays 25 Jul 19 08:10 PM

Have a good look round the villa, get back in the car and head to Walmart for a few supplies and dinner for the night until the big shop in the morning 😉

gemma-lou 25 Jul 19 08:12 PM

We seem to all like Walmart :pgig:

Sioux 25 Jul 19 08:13 PM

Dump bags, nip to nearest Walmart/Publix for essentials, grab a quick bite to eat, a shower and then crash out.

Gryff 25 Jul 19 08:15 PM

Dump the case and check to see if our beds been striped if not do,that
Put the washer on and head to Winne Dixie or Walmart depending on rrival time

mick 25 Jul 19 08:15 PM

Have a walk round the villa to see what's changed since our last visit.

Unpack and put the cases in one of the spare closets. First decent coffee of the day with the coffee and Coffeemate that we've obviously declared. ;)

Then Publix at Berry for the traditional first shop including their famous fried chicken for dinner. Then maybe a session in the spa to ease the aching bones.

Invariably an early night. :grin:


Jedi Princess 25 Jul 19 08:17 PM

I unpack, while the others head to Dennyís. Iím usually too tired to go, and they also pick up the essentials too.

Sally42 25 Jul 19 08:18 PM

Head to Fudruckers at Crossroads for a cheap and cheerful meal.
Head back to hotel and lay in bed watching American adverts!

Beth_Disney 25 Jul 19 08:21 PM

I start to unpack and hubby turns on the TV to find out what channels we have. Heíll then put the kettle on and do us both a cuppa.

Weíll then head out to a supermarket and for dinner as late as we can manage. We usually go to bed at about 10pm on the first night and have a cold beer whilst watching a US game show or comedy. If we can stay up late enough weíll go to sleep with Jimmy Fallon on.

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