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Dollyjojo 14 Jun 14 11:58 PM

Shhh... Let me share a secret !
We are getting married 16th August 14 :)

So the story goes that Oh (52 ) and I (47) have been together over 10 years but never bothered getting married. My girls have been going through very busy stressful times at uni. (Stay with me :)! ) they were really down about our road trip to Texas in May so we agreed that if we could find cheap flights that fit in with everyone's busy schedule we would have a family holiday. So flights to florida were found yey and we are all mega excited :grin:

So oh and I got thinking and decided why not get married. We want something low key, no fuss and just the four of us so we booked it and haven't told a soul - except you all now!

So not quite a Disney wedding but a hot air balloon wedding at dawn. The pilot is doing the ceremony, trimming the balloon, sorting the flowers when I tell him what I want and the photographer. I'm so busy at work taking that pressure off is a result for me!

The plan is to have champagne, cake and breakfast after the flight and photos. We are then going back to the apartment for a sleep because it's a really early start and going to be a long day ...

The plan is then to have a meal. Now here's where it might get a bit wierd for you all! We love Cheesecake Factory and with two really fussy eaters and a low key wedding we have decided hey do what feels right so that's what we are doing :grin:

We are thinking about hiring a vintage cadillac to take us to the cheesecake factory at Winter Park( I don't want to go to one attached to a mall) but that bits all to be sorted yet.

After that we are heading for the grand Floridian where we have booked a wishes cruise. We must be mad cos we are going to be exhausted!

Anyway that's the plan... Now to sort the rest of it. Kind of all a bit of a rush and certainly not enough time to be thin :d:

So I might be asking tips and advise, I hope that's ok.

Ps I've been reading all your posts for a couple of weeks but have only just convinced myself that no one will recognise me if I post under my dibb name ! All your plans sound wonderful. I love the dresses, rings and proposal stories.


TabZ 14 Jun 14 11:59 PM

yay congratulations!

Can't wait to see the rest of your plans and of course ask away! xx

pixiep 15 Jun 14 12:03 AM

Dolly OH WOW!

What a wonderful day its going to be for all...

I would love to renew our wedding vows in Florida, but DH says once is enough!

Have a great time planning what needs to be :d:

SPN Clann 15 Jun 14 12:16 AM

Congratulations :D

Your day sounds just perfect!

Our wedding meal will be in our favourite steakhouse, and so I love your choice. If you go with what you love, you can't go wrong!


keeley78 15 Jun 14 12:28 AM

Sounds amazing, congratulations, nothing wrong with a wedding meal at Cheesecake Factory :thumbs-up, we got married over there just at the courthouse, no fuss, then had a helicopter ride & a meal at Olive Garden, wouldn't change what we did for anything, hope you have an amazing day :grin:

Thing1thing2 15 Jun 14 12:46 AM

Congratulations! Ahh sounds like a lovely day! Love the Cadillac idea! Your have amazing pictures in a hot air balloon. :)

Dollyjojo 15 Jun 14 01:21 AM

Awwwwww thanks guys

Tabz - your wedding plans look amazing. I love some of the little touches you are planning. I want coat hangers and sparkles now :)

Pixiep - keep at him I'm sure you will persuade him. I'm having so much fun I might suggest renewing our vows every year ;) ... And thanks you have reminded me that we better think about vows:/

Parris - glad you are with us on the meal. What you like can't disappoint :)

Keeley 78 - helicopter sounds amazing. We've never been to the Olive Garden but it's on our list because it's just what our fussy two will like too :)

Thing1thing 2 thanks I hope it's amazing and we can sort the car. Just been looking at that and it's not gonna be straightforward but I'm no quitter !

So on with the plans :)

Cookie family 15 Jun 14 07:22 AM

sounds like a great plan!

Fieryannie 15 Jun 14 07:35 AM

Congratulations, I'm sure it will be amazing :)


Taffy1959 15 Jun 14 07:37 AM

Congratulations:grin: Sounds amazing :wave:

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