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Nimbus 7 Aug 19 09:27 PM

Good to hear Bob Iger addressing this issue and actually explaining the reason for the lower crowds. The reasons seem to agree with what many people speculated. Although it’s interesting to see that one listed reason was due to raised prices by Disney - seems they are well aware that their price increases are having an effect on crowd levels.

Funny that some people are negative towards Disney parks being too crowded and then negative when the parks aren’t crowded enough. Disney just can’t win, can they? :) :D

I also find it amusing that this post about Disney addressing lower crowds at Disneyland exists in the same section as the following post from a month or so ago:

Disney Responds to Long Lines at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge


theCMG 7 Aug 19 09:49 PM

So far it looks like that original assumption Star Wars fans not into Disney would immediately pile into a Disney Star Wars land en masse hasn't played out. Someone in marketing will be sweating

For that demographic they maybe needed to build more precisely what the original film's main audience might have asked for (i.e. yes a Falcon ride but also Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina etc.) rather than the newer stuff they are furiously bluemilking.

That said, Disney will find a way to make a gazillion dollars out of it at some point :spin:

myaquarium 7 Aug 19 10:15 PM

Simply the crowds are down because they are robbing people blind. Any way and everyway they are squeezing out every penny they can. Where the average wage has gone up 10 to 20 percent over the last 10 years everything Disney had risen over 100%.after visiting for over 25 years I'm now considering staying away from Disney after 2020.the prices just don't stack up. And when they done away with free DDP we lost around 10 people from our Florida plans next year. They felt it was a rip off. I wonder if they extend it thru the summer what effect it will have. Anyway as it stands now. Enough is enough I'm afraid.

YorkshireT 7 Aug 19 10:20 PM

Translation - we and other local businesses killed it by greed. You can fool some of the people some of the time...

Personally I am very eager to ride Rise of the Resistance. The rest of it is an overpriced shopping mall. I've zero interest in buying plastic robots or lightsabers (tomorrow's landfill) or drinking overpriced drinks, or really even riding Star Tours mkII.

ROTR will save it from being a failure as I have faith the imagineers have made the best ever ride.

YorkshireT 7 Aug 19 10:50 PM

Gill H 8 Aug 19 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by Pinchy (Post 14001605)
I've been on a CM preview of the MF ride and it was a bit disappointing. More of the same rather than something original like FOP. It's a sort of cross between ST and MS.

I realise that GE is supposed to be themed as well worn and industrialised but to me it was humourless and rather depressing, more in keeping with a Universal park.

Firstly ... nice humblebrag there! Only kidding, good to have a CM on the boards.

Secondly - for a moment I thought you were swearing! MF ride ... lol. I bet some people will be referring to it as ‘that MF ride’ for sure! Maybe that’s why they went with Smugglers Run.

Personally I am not a major Star Wars fan. I have seen all the films and know most of the characters, but I have never been hugely emotionally invested in it. So yeah, as theCMG said, for me I would want something that drew on the original films more.

Also ... ‘bluemilking’. Nice one theCMG.

JohnD 18 Aug 19 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Pinchy (Post 14001605)
I realise that GE is supposed to be themed as well worn and industrialised but to me it was humourless and rather depressing, more in keeping with a Universal park.

Rather a one-eyed comment, don't you think? Personally, since the 2000s under Iger, I've found the Universal staff to be better-humoured than the Disney staff. YMMV.

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