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Hayley&Gareth 6 Apr 10 07:40 PM

Isn't it nice when a plan slowly (but surely) comes together? I'm so happy! I've just ordered my dress (from the US which Carrie has kindly agreed to sign for when it gets delivered), I've paid both Stan and Randy for photography/videography deposits to secure our date and I've just bought a tiara. Got my eyes on a pair of shoes now too :D We're getting there!

NatsyNoo 6 Apr 10 07:48 PM

Well done Hayley! Can't wait til it's my turn! Let's see the dress then!

Sarah84 6 Apr 10 07:59 PM

ooh yay! We want to see th dress & tiara :)
It feels great having things come together doesn't it? I'm going to be ordering my dress at the end of the month, contacting Randy around september time, have found a villa and paying deposit for that this month, ordered a few bits & bobs.
Did Randy offer you this years prices for next year?

Leanne1977 6 Apr 10 08:00 PM

Excellent news! Things are coming together for you now.:spin::spin::grin:

Cinnabon 6 Apr 10 08:03 PM

Well done, you get married 12 months after me and I have not done any of those things yet, oh I bought my shoes last year.

brer rabbit 28 6 Apr 10 08:03 PM

Great news. Really excited for you :spin:

I have it all planned in my head but nothing set in stone yet! Hopefully by the end of this month the wheels will well and truly be in motion

Hayley&Gareth 6 Apr 10 08:06 PM

Here is the dress...

I've taken a bit of a gamble... I've got 5 stone to lose, so I've picked a dress a size above my goal weight. I've done this as a mega incentive to get my fat bum moving and eating properly. I've done it before.. I can do it again!

Here is the tiara

brer rabbit 28 6 Apr 10 08:11 PM


Hayley&Gareth 6 Apr 10 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by Sarah84 (Post 4734010)
Did Randy offer you this years prices for next year?

Not 100% sure as I've gone beyond the package by adding an extra hour for the photography to allow for extra pics on the GF beach.. Will have a look at the contact and let you know :)

Hayley&Gareth 6 Apr 10 08:18 PM

Ok so I have $525 plus tax for the photography inclusive of images, I believe this is this years price. Its an extra $150 for the extra hour, adding tax to all of that is a total of $772.13 :)

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