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D2MEY 15 Apr 19 03:58 PM

flight of passage fast pass ? anybody booked @30 day ?
hey guys ,

Our 30 day pastpass becomes available this coming Friday so ive been checking daily @12 to see if any time for flight of passage have been available - so far no times what so ever !

Has anyone had much luck or got any tips ?


SophieLou 15 Apr 19 05:10 PM

Me too though I can't book till May, I've only seen a FP once for it and that was on the actual day. I think we'll plan to rope drop and hope to pick one up the night before or that morning as people change their plans. Won't stop me checking like a crazy person every day though...

JessBlu 15 Apr 19 05:15 PM

Snap we book on the Same day and I think we will be rope dropping to go on it.

SophieLou 15 Apr 19 05:17 PM

You two will be fighting over those fastpasses! Let me know if you have any luck, I have a v grumpy husband who won't appreciate doing rope drop at all...

JessBlu 15 Apr 19 05:17 PM

Haha !
It will be my kids who will be grumpy !

harryhaflinger 15 Apr 19 05:26 PM

I've been trying everyday, but no availability. Looks like we're in for a long wait in the standby queue. I've already warned DH lol !

antietam 15 Apr 19 05:27 PM

Getting fastpasses at 30 days is a real problem for the sought after rides.
Especially if you are off site

As we stay onsite (DVC owners) we get to book at 60 days.
I have just done this recently and got all the hard to get attractions.
These days there are many more onsite rooms and hotels and those hotels are staying fuller more often.
Guests are more aware about getting fastpasses booked up as well.

Disney should do something to sort this out.
They should be more amenable to offsite guests.

Caroian 15 Apr 19 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by antietam (Post 13785963)
Disney should do something to sort this out.
They should be more amenable to offsite guests.

Disney is a business whose sole aim is to make money (seems this often comes as a surprise to people!). They want to make onsite stays attractive to people so that they will continue to pay to stay onsite and to eat and drink wholly in the bubble, putting pennies in their pockets. Offering perks such as 60 day fastpass is one way of doing it.

Yes, it's frustrating if you stay off site and can't get what you want, but if they take away the 60 day advantge to onsite guests, there will still be the same total number of fastpasses being fought for by the same people and the same number of disappointed people. Unfortunately there is no reason for Disney to "be more amenable to offsite guests". It is what it is.

antietam 15 Apr 19 07:49 PM

Not even by the massive development of offsite hotels and villas that others provide so people can go and spend their money at Disney.

I think that Fastpasses as they are are gonna change to Disney finding a way to charge for them in the future.
They will find a way, they know its free at the moment which must be really bugging their financial people

shoegalsuz 15 Apr 19 11:11 PM

Just to give you a bit of hope, I managed to book FOP at 30days out - I was on literally as the booking opened and managed to grab an evening slot 8-9pm. Iíve since been able to bring that forward to 6pm and we go next week. So things do open up, just be persistent and keep checking!

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