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Stepaway 2 Sep 19 03:23 PM

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller
It is DHs birthday whilst we are away. He wants to spend the day at IoA and then in the evening I have just seen Orlando Magic are playing that night. I have the following questions I would love some help with:

1. Would DS5 and DD7 find this entertaining? I know all kids are different but reassurance this inst a stupid idea for them?
2. Parking - I can't seem to find any to pre-book
3. How long to games last? Baseball takes around half a day!
4. Buying tickets direct I am getting quotes from $350 for all 4 of us in ok seats. Virgin Concierge are quoting me $260 - why the big difference?
5. Any other comments/advice welcome

(Just for completeness - I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat And a six four Impala)

MinniMouse 3 Sep 19 10:45 AM

We went to a basketball game a few years ago and our kids loved it. Our youngest was probably about 7.

You need to go early as there is pre match entertainment. A lot of interaction with the crowd and lots of freebies. DH and the boys got their photo taken with some of the cheerleaders when we arrived too. The game is quick, very exciting. Parking is easy. There is parking at the Amway but we parked close by. There are people directing you to spaces once you get closer to the centre. We were out of the car park and onto the I4 a lot quicker that the folk that parked in the Amway multi story. There's plenty food and drink on site too. Great night out, definitely recommend it.

r2001uk 3 Sep 19 01:25 PM


Rawhide 3 Sep 19 01:56 PM

Been to basketball at MSG in New York. Itís a good couple of hours (even though the actual playing time is 48 minutes).

We had 4 kids from 6-16 and they all loved it.

Ticket prices vary HUGELY! Courtside seats can cost thousands, though itíll depend on who is playing - popular teams cost more. If one of your party is interested in basketball, Iíd suggest getting the best seats you can afford, if not, get cheaper seats and enjoy the whole experience.

Malificent 3 Sep 19 03:38 PM

Lots of the questions you have are answered already.
Just wanted to second the parking at geico garage across the road. There is a walkway into the Center.
Great entertainment for all ages. Buy the best tickets you can for your budget. Club seats are good.
The VH seats may be high up at the back? Not sure why otherwise.

OB1LukeLucas 3 Sep 19 04:20 PM

No idea but away to play the song, never heard it for years!:blush:

wanye 4 Sep 19 09:17 AM

we got season ticket resales through stubhub. got half decent seats for $20 each

of the sports i've been to in the US so far, it was by far the most entertaining and fast paced. kids will love it.

parking, you can prebook the geico garage, but there's so much parking in the area around the amway, you won't have any issue just finding a multistorey, and it will probably be cheaper. we usually pay $10 for parking off s orange avenue round the corner from the beacham. its less than 10 mins and half the prioce of the geico garage.

Stepaway 4 Sep 19 07:00 PM

Thanks all! Got it booked and paid $65 each to sit quite near the front

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