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Floridatilly 4 Aug 15 06:37 PM

Show me your pets!
Here is Tilly, she is a lasha apso and she is 4

Floridatilly 4 Aug 15 06:38 PM

Forgot to add, she is sulking here because she has just been cut !

Lydsabug 4 Aug 15 06:49 PM

This is Holly, our beautiful rescue Old English. Scared witless of cats! Beautiful girl who has no idea how to play...

The Hardys 4 Aug 15 07:00 PM

This is guy and blue my horses!

axxxl 4 Aug 15 07:00 PM

This is Frankie - he's 13 years old :)

And this is Merry, my lazy as anything rat.

Unfortunately I've lost quite a few of my pets this year :( We had to get our 15 year old dog put to sleep just after Christmas, I lost two of my rats in early 2015 and also lost my rabbit just after I got back from Florida. All were good ages, but it's definitely heartbreaking!

o-Hannah-o 4 Aug 15 07:00 PM
This is 'wreck it' Ralph. He's a rescue dog and we think about 3 1/2. So soft and phased by nothing at all

catki11 4 Aug 15 07:02 PM

This is Freddie. He's a 2 year old Shih Tzu. He's the softest thing and loves nothing better than running round the garden with my youngest son! :grin:

The Hardys 4 Aug 15 07:04 PM





scottishmum 4 Aug 15 07:07 PM

Love these,

Here,s my handsome boy Riley aged 3 and a half.

In his favourite place (only the light is
On from fire lol)

PoohBears#1fan 4 Aug 15 07:08 PM

Cooper & Betty, they enjoy laying down. ;)

Toblerone (Toby), it's really hard to get a good photo of him!

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