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Michyloulou 20 Apr 19 04:59 AM

The Marsh‘s Marvellous Mousecation- Day 13 - Friday 19th April

Well, it's our last full day today (tomorrow is largely taken up by the drive back to Fort Lauderdale, dropping car back to Alamo & also ensuring we have 3 clear hours before flight.
So here it is, and we're ending back at Magic Kingdom where we had our 1st day. However...
Watching the weather on TV, we are due for a big storm, possibility of a hurricane even according to Klystron TV. 😮 However, looking at other forecasts, a hurricane isn't mentioned, just the storm, cooler temperatures and lightning occurring anywhere from 1pm - 3pm.
As I knew we'd need the afternoon to pack, our 2 of our 3 FP's are in the morning. We also plan to use to Monorail as the kids haven't experienced this yet!
As we are about to leave (at 9am), we get a text saying our 1st FP (Splash Mountain) is unavailable, but we can choose from the list & these are available all day. This has 2 positives for us as 1) we are running late & would otherwise have missed our 1st FP, and secondly my older 2 kids wanted to go on Space Mountain (which they haven't ridden so far), and this is now available.
So, on arrival I took my 2 eldest & rode Space Mountain with them - fortunately it wasn't as bad as I'd thought! Meanwhile DH took the 2 youngest on Its a Small World (their choice!).
We noticed a smallish line to meet Stitch. and as my 3 girls are mad in him, we queued & had photos taken and phone cases signed! It actually took 45 minutes as Stitch had a break midway through the line. Stitch was really good I interracting with all the kids & families meeting him.

Here is one of me with him as well!

Our next FP was Buzz Lightyear Lazer Spin - very enjoyable again. As we entered the Buzz ride, I noticed it was an English CM from Yorkshire called Izzy. I said to her “A big hello from England!” - this got a big smile & a “hello, hope you’re having a wonderful holiday” from her - not sure if she’s the daughter of a Dibber, but thought it’d be nice to speak rather than just file past.
We had brought a packed lunch with us, so after we sat & ate it next to Merchant of Venus shop.
Next it was onto the people mover - we made the bad choice of all squeezing into 1 car, and it was soon very uncomfortable! We could see the area under development (and sorry if I have missed this information already on the Dibb), a CM we spoke to told us it’s due to be a roller coaster opening in a couple of years (a reason to re-visit which I quickly told DH!). In fact, not just in the parks, but driving around there is so much building work everywhere- homes & apartments popping up everywhere - I’m surprised they’re not 2 a penny! Right on cue at 1.23pm, the skies darkened and we felt a few big splashes of rain.

We still had our last FP at 2.40pm (Big Thunder Mountain). One of my DD didn’t want to ride, so she sat undercover with DH while I walked over to the ride doing a few last castle photos & selfies on the way (at this point before walking over, we were near the main entrance at beginning of Main Street). As we walked over, the heavens opened & we got very wet. I did wonder if they’d close the ride (as before this, I just realised I forgot to mention, we were at the front of Dumbo ride when they announced its closure due to inclement weather- at that point it wasn’t even raining). Anyway, we got to BTM 5 mins early, but they let us in & we managed to ride.
The only disappointment of the day (other than the weather) was that DH had wanted us to ride the railroad, but both at the beginning of the holiday & today it wasn’t operating (even though we saw it moving into the station on entering the park).
We left the park to get on the monorail about 3pm (the parade having been postponed). As we did the rain became torrential and there were big cracks of thunder and lightning (which made us all jump). I happened to be doing a video on my phone at that very moment (haven’t had chance to watch it back yet).
Bit by bit (sheltering where we could), we made it back to the land tram (the seats all had pools of water & we had rain blowing into us as well), but this was easier than walking since we were parked in Mulan 127.
Back at the villa, first thing we did was put dry clothes on & wash/dry all the wet ones + try and dry out all the trainers, then it was onto the dreaded packing.
After discovering lots of bigger items we’d forgotten about (those doughnut shaped drinks bottles from Universal, toys, food we bought to take home & other stuff), it was clear we’d need another suitcase (having decided on the way out not to bring an extra one!).
We had a very final trip to Walmart & got one for $55 + a padlock- it was really busy & we struggled to find a parking space, but it is the start of their Easter weekend. DH had already told everyone on entering that the only thing we’d be purchasing was the case & padlock (worried we’d add more purchases!).
Even with the extra case we just about managed to squeeze everything in.
The kids went to bed about 10.30pm and we followed, exhausted about 11.30pm with alarms set for 6am tomorrow so we can have a final blowout at Ihop before our journey back to Fort Lauderdale.
Thank you to everyone who has read along & replied. Also for all the wonderful tips I’ve picked up reading the Dibb, and for all my pre-trip questions you’ve all answered. We’ve had an absolutely wonderful time with great memories made and I’ve fulfilled a wish to take my kids to Florida (for the 1st time! 😉).
I look forward to reading more of your trip reports until we go back!

mick 20 Apr 19 09:36 PM

Shame the rain came to spoil your last day :nonono:

Joan :wave:

Loopylooloo 21 Apr 19 07:48 AM

Great day and photos despite the rain! Have really enjoyed your trip and reading along, glad you have had such a great time all of you! :wavey:

margyloveswdw 22 Apr 19 07:58 AM

A fab last day apart from the rain!

Jake71 1 May 19 09:19 PM

A good last day, apart from the storm.

OB1LukeLucas 6 May 19 02:24 PM

A lovely last day, apart from the rain!

Cinderella 16 May 19 10:21 PM

The rain is spectacular in Florida 😟

Thisisgeorge1 17 May 19 06:23 PM

Izzy that you met on the Buzz ride must be my friend's daughter! She is from Hull and currently working on the Buzz ride and has been for a while now. Ive passed on your post to her mum. Thank you! 😀

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