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Stu 10 Mar 09 03:42 PM

Social Groups on the DIBB
We are trialling a new feature called "Social Groups"

Q. What are Social Groups?

A. Social groups is for a group of people usually with a particular interest or something else in common. It provides a way of communicating between members as well as sharing images in an easy to find area of the site.

Q. What can you use Social Groups for?

A. We often get topics that are of interest to members but aren't really anything to do with the main content of this site. This could be a prolonged discussion on a Film or Book or other interest not related to the site. Social Groups are the ideal place for such topics.

Q. Will Social Groups replace postings in the chat and news forums?

A. NO, normal discussions on everyday things will still be made in the normal forums, however if any of those discussions develop into something that has a lot of interest then setting up a social group for that particular discussion would enable the discussion to be kept in an easy to reach location.

Q. Who can Create New Groups?

A. Any regular DIBB member can create New Groups.

Q. Does the person who creates the group have any say in the running of that group?

A. Yes, the group owner/creator has moderating powers within their particular group.

Q. Who can create new categories?

A. Only Admin can create new categories, if you want your group in a category that doesn't exist then please contact an admin and we will create the new category for you.

Q. How can I view the available groups?

A. Click the link at the top of the page that says COMMUNITY then select SOCIAL GROUPS, alternatively goto your USERCP and click SOCIAL GROUPS.

Q. Can I leave a group?

A. Yes, there is an option to leave a group.

Q. Can I get notifications of new posts in the groups.

A. Yes, you can get email notifications of new posts just the same as forum posts. You need to Subscribe to a discussion to receive notifications.

Q. Can I give ownership of my group to someone else?

A. Yes, you can transfer ownership to another user, providing that user is also a DIBB AP Holder.

Note: - I will add to this FAQ as more questions arise.

Reetser 10 Mar 09 03:46 PM

Another exciting new development! :)

shedenuk 10 Mar 09 03:53 PM

Wow this site just gets better and better.

loadsapixiedust 10 Mar 09 04:01 PM

You guys have been busy in the engine room ;)

pinkcandy 10 Mar 09 04:23 PM

Fantastic idea. :spin:

Guest 10 Mar 09 04:34 PM

Sounds fab - thanks Stu & other `workers behind the scenes` ;)

Guest 10 Mar 09 04:36 PM

Many, many thanks for this Stu! :thumbs-up
The Twilight Group is now up and running! Shameless plug! ;) :pgig:

AmandaB 10 Mar 09 04:45 PM

Thanks for setting this up. I shall watch to see what happens with them now.

:wavey: :wavey:

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