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Stu 15 Jan 13 06:01 PM

DIBB Maintenance - Friday 18 Jan 2013
Over the last year the DIBB has seen a 20% increase in traffic to our Forums and Guidebook and this has been putting a high demand on the current server, so we have purchased a new faster server with more capacity for us to continue expanding.

We will be moving the DIBB on to the new server on Friday 18 January 2013.

We plan on making the move Friday morning and hopefully everyone should be seeing the DIBB as normal from around lunchtime.

If for some reason you are still being directed to the old server by your Internet Service Provider you will see a DIBB Closed message and a link to our Facebook page

Your Internet Service Provider should update their records quite quickly so that you are directed to our new server automatically, however some ISP's can take up to 24 hours to update.

Members that use AOL may also experience a longer delay in getting to the new server due to the way AOL uses proxies.


Orlando 2004 15 Jan 13 06:07 PM

Oh hope ours changes over quickly as won't know what to do if it doesn't work fri eve. I'm at work fri morn so hopefully it'll be back on when I get home!

PerksP 15 Jan 13 06:08 PM

Good luck - hope it goes OK :)

BLDY&McGoo 15 Jan 13 06:13 PM

Oh no! What am i gunna do its my day off =[
I think i might get withdrawrals if its not up and running by lunchtime lol

Guest 16 Jan 13 09:57 AM

Hope everything goes ok

floridahippy 16 Jan 13 10:23 AM

Hope it all goes ok - please dont be off air too long I NEED to be on the DIBB

geoffa 16 Jan 13 10:27 AM

Shows the success of the Dibb. Good Luck with the changeover guys.

WindwardGal 16 Jan 13 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by geoffa (Post 8114932)
Shows the success of the Dibb. Good Luck with the changeover guys.


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