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Gryff 14 Nov 19 04:00 AM

Post cards for Christmas surprises
I'm here in Florida now I've 2 of these to send this week happy to send 6 more it doesn't have to be for a surprisebut for Christmas it needs to be this week
These will not be character signed just a message if available on a character postcard if not a Mickey / universal one yes we do owl mail too
With your message
Owl post needs to be by given by the 18th as the 19th will be my last universal visit
I need
Name favorite character princess etc
And a short message
We love an hour or so in Disney springs by Girridelle with a hot choclate or in city walk at Jimmy buffets with a cocktail writing and posting these and I know my DIL was as excited by GDs
2 postcards which I have to thank other dibbers for
when I said nope it's nothing to do with me it's the Main Mouse he knows all as Does Dummbeldor

Tretinker 1 Mar 20 11:52 PM

9h wow this is amazingly kind of you! Really wish I'd seen this but what a lovely thing to do x

Gryff 2 Mar 20 12:24 AM

Iím here in Florida happy to send some if anybody wants
In Florida till April 3rd

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