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Loopylooloo 31 Mar 17 02:09 AM

Bankrupt again? Day Six - Universal, Royal Pacific Resort & Cowfish
Today is a long one - we did a twelve hour day! We got up at an unearthly time, especially for poor George who looked liked the walking dead bless him, but he did well, he wasnt grumpy, and we left at 6:45am. We seem to have a few 'Sat Nav Spats' every day, me and Terry trying to work out where the hell we are going, and usually getting it wrong! We are getting used to it now. We checked in at the Royal Pacific Resort, and by 8:00am were marching (well I was, with the others trying to keep up!) into Universal Islands of Adventure and over to the Harry Potter section for Forbidden Journey. This ride made me feel REALLY ill last time, but this time, having not eaten, I was actually ok.

Bethany was so excited, she really loves Harry Potter, its great having someone with us who is 'new' to it all. We thought our first hour went really fast, we ambled back to the Croissant Moon Bakery for some breakfast, we got cheese and ham crosissants, orange juice, coffee and a chocolate muffin, it was a whopping $60... we are feeling the pinch a bit with dollar rate, sad to say it as I am not known for worrying about spending, but its hurting a little this time! After breakfast we went to buy sunglasses for George and Bethany, George got some really expensive Raybans, having lost his previous pair we got here three years ago...
We found some lovely ones for Bethany too, she can wear anything and look fabulous.
We stopped for a Butterbeer, a frozen one, which was much nicer than a non frozen, it was $7.50.

Next we went over to Jurassic Park, we all agreed the theming here is fantastic, I love the music, the vegtation etc. Brilliant. We went on the new KONG ride, and pleased to say it is really really good! With fast passes we barely waited five minutes - here is Harry in his Kong glasses ready to ride!

What a great ride, its so clever, we loved it. But, our favourite ride was the old classic Jurassic Park, with the splash drop, we unanimously voted it ride of the day, and Bethany wants to go back again tomorrow. Yeah, we got soggy bottoms but who cares?! :d:

We decided to take the Hogwarts Express over to Universal Studios, the wait time was only ten minutes, and before long we were in a carriage with another very excited family, the dad was looking like a kid at Christmas bless him. Made me smile.
Its a very clever ride, and we all enjoyed it a lot. Tomorrow we will go the other way and get another take on it. We emerged from the station, and saw the Knight Bus, and some creepy person at the window in the buidling opposite!

Next we rode MIB, my score was the highest out of all of us, 92,250 versus my husbands 12,000! I warned him never get me a gun! Lol.
Straight after was the old ET ride, so bad its good, Bethany loved the little bikes, we think ET's 'friends' are a bit special they dont really blend if you know what I mean! :d:
Out into the scorching sun, we decided it was time to have some Dippin Dots! They were so cold they actually stuck to my tongue but I still love them.

We were flagging a bit by now in the heat, so headed for Rip Ride Rockit, for Harry and George to have a last mad ride before we left the parks to go and swim. This ride really is insane, you couldnt get me on it even if you paid me. If any of you have been on it, kudos to you. Its a NO from me. :D

All happy, we left and headed back to the Hotel, its a beautiful resort, here are a few photos -

Bethany was a bit tired and needed a nap!
After a much needed rest we went for a swim, and played water volleyball, which was really fun. A duck flew into the pool, and had a good little swim around for a while with us which was funny! We had some nachos, and hummus, and cola by the pool, chilled out for a while, then got changed and went over to Citywalk for dinner. Tonights choice - The Cowfish.

We went straight to the bar area to wait for our table and met the quite scary looking barman, Brian, check out those teeth! :erm:

We ordered three milkshakes, a tap water and a glass of wine for me. $50 plus tip 20% $60! :cry:
For four drinks! Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Mind you, the milkshakes were to die for, and the kids loved them. LOOK!

We got a booth, (love a booth) and ordered the famous Shroomin Swiss Burger, fries, also some edamame, which we love. It was all really tasty, and we left with very full happy bellies. Not cheap, but very good.

We couldnt find room for dessert, but I am sitting here eating my Key Lime Pie leftovers from Bahama Breeze yesterday and a glass of Walmart Sauv Blanc! Cheers!
We gor home around 8pm. A long but really fantastic day. George and Bethany are over at the Royal Pacific Resort having a Mini-Moon, on their own for the night and we are going back in the morning to do it all again. Goodnight! :wavey:

Nearly forgot the Step Count - an epic 17,000! Sam! Check me out! :spin:

Melbatb 31 Mar 17 04:37 AM

What a packed day! The milkshakes look dlicious - they are surely calorie free though ;)

Have a fun day today!

Megandllsmum 31 Mar 17 07:28 AM

Louise what a fantastic day...when I said the other day I loved your chilled approach to it all you turned that on its head at universal lol.
Rip ride rocket ...I'm with you I felt ill watching Paul and megs boyfriend go on it and nearly cricked my next watching them go up the big climb on it :omg:
The hotel and resort looks fabulous ...enjoy
And Mrs the step count... Very impressive I've just looked and you beat me ... I did 16,202 yesterday ... it was a work day but I'm off for a week now so won't see those figures I don't think for a few days ... enjoy today...loving catching up every morning on your days xx

JenD1 31 Mar 17 08:05 AM

Loving your trippie! You sound very like us in 2014 when we took DS's girlfriend who had never experienced WDW. Everything was new and exciting! It was fabulous to see it through fresh eyes. Looking forward to reading tomorrow.:wavey:

MummyPeeper 31 Mar 17 09:04 AM

Thank you so much for the wonderful trippy it's really getting me in the mood for our trip. I can't wait to try the frozen butter beer this time too.

collybird 31 Mar 17 12:06 PM

Wow the RPR pool looks gorgeous, like a water park!

Redrach1903 31 Mar 17 12:26 PM

Such a fun day!

Your daughter in law seems lovely :)

Oh and I am a fan of a booth, like you :D


Loopylooloo 31 Mar 17 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by Redrach1903 (Post 12402487)
Such a fun day!

Your daughter in law seems lovely :)

Oh and I am a fan of a booth, like you :D


They are not quite married yet Rachael ha ha! They are 18 and 17, just dating, but has been over a year now, they are so sweet together. (When George isnt being grumpy) :d:

Something about a booth! Cowfish was really good. Brians teeth were spectacular.

Redrach1903 31 Mar 17 01:11 PM

Haha I didn't think they were, just using it as a term of endearment :)

Jake71 31 Mar 17 01:48 PM

You all know how to fill a day, without it looking exhausting! The Cowfish looks lovely, although I'm not a milkshake fan so I'd stick to the white wine. Loving your report.

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