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Loopylooloo 2 Apr 17 04:10 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Eight - Magic Kingdom & Be Our Guest
We had a lazy morning, swimming and another lovely breakfast on the balcony.

At around 3pm we left the resort for Magic Kingdom, thankfully the queues for bag check were nowhere near as bad as last week, we have found that going into the park for late afternoon is a lot easier than rope drop.
Our first fastpass was the Little Mermaid, and my husband seemed to really love this ride! His mouth was wide open all the way round, which made us laugh!
We then headed into Be Our Guest, I was really excited about this dinner, I had booked it 180 days out, and they were turning people away at the entrance booth, so we felt very privileged to be going in. We had our Ears by Samantha on ready!

Our server gave Bethany a Lumiere candlestick to hold, and led us into the main Ballroom, which made us all go 'WOW!' It is beautiful! We had a table right in front of the magic windows.

We were given our menus, (and we were able to keep one as long as we didnt tell Mrs Potts) and also a rose napkin.

I started by ordering a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, very tasty. And then some warm bread came, it was delicious. Our server was very funny, he said he lived in the enchanted forest and had been working here a hundred and twenty years!

We ordered our food, French Onion Soup, Moules Mariniere, then to follow, Strip Steak and Pommes Frites, and Lamb Chop with Pave potatoes. Everything was very delicious, hot, cooked well, and came with really good vegetables and sauce. We all ooed and aaahed appropriately. Photos are a little dark, due to the amibence!

The Beast appeared during our dinner, and was holding hands with two little 'Belles' it was so cute, I got it on video -

While we waited for the famous dessert trolley, George presented Bethany with a surprise gift, some hand made red rose earrings, (her name is Bethany-Rose) they looked perfect with her rose ears, and she was really pleased.

And finally the desserts - Strawberry Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake, and of course, The Grey Stuff!
We were all now totally stuffed. We went to meet the Beast, and see the Rose, and then left, I cannot tell you what the bill was, but needless to say it was the price of a small private island.

Worth it though. Our next fastpass straight after dinner - Seven Dwarves Mine Train! Oops! It was fast and fun, we all loved it.

We had a mooch around Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, got our mums some lovely Christmas baubles for their trees, and then went on Haunted Mansion, I was a bit disappointed by this one, it just didnt seem as good as I remembered. Like its been downgraded or something...? Anyway, it was time to leave the park, and we watched Wishes just before leaving. I love it, but its just so crowded! Wish we could have a private viewing. Bethanys hat of the day - 😂

Step count - 15,000 Calories - a Gazzilion.
Tomorrow - Epcot.

Redrach1903 2 Apr 17 07:52 AM

So happy you loved BoG! We've been a few times now and it's always been great!

Love the video of Beast :) xx

Dan's Mum 2 Apr 17 07:57 AM

I'm thinking about BOG for dinner next time. Food looks lovely :)

D x

JenD1 2 Apr 17 08:00 AM

Couldn't get an ADR for BOG in 2014 but this year we have and are really looking forward to it!:tiggerbou

JenD1 2 Apr 17 08:02 AM

Omg just seen your countdown Rachael! Woop!

Megandllsmum 2 Apr 17 08:07 AM

Lovely day Louise , BOG looks amazing and how romantic was your son with the earrings bless em ... young love eh ❤❤.
Loving the ears. We loved the mine train managed to do it a few times and every time we spotted something different.
Enjoy Epcot today xx

mick 2 Apr 17 11:43 AM

A lovely day :spin:

Joan :wave:

Loopylooloo 2 Apr 17 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by Redrach1903 (Post 12407059)
So happy you loved BoG! We've been a few times now and it's always been great!

Love the video of Beast :) xx

Rachael I cant wait to see your St Augustine photos! xx

Melbatb 2 Apr 17 02:49 PM

What a lovely day. BOG sounds fantastic. Love your ears!

Pumba75 2 Apr 17 09:16 PM

Another lovely day. Disney calories don't count! :d:

Mrs P

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