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Jakes Mom 17 Feb 20 01:59 PM

Four Moretons Go West EASTER 2018 - **COMPLETE**

You are probably wondering why I am publishing this trip report nearly 2 years after we arrived home. :erm: Well, up until yesterday (Feb 12th 2020) we believed that the notes from the trip had been left on the plane home. However, when Lee was looking for something, he came across the book with all our notes in. After flicking through the notes, we decided to write them up and publish another trip report.

A lot has happened since this trip: we have moved house, been back to Florida, I have changed jobs and we have booked to go back to the West coast later this year!

As always, the main motivation for writing the trip report is that we can look back on it as a family and relive our memories.

Also, Lee and I are getting to the age where our memories are not our strong point.:grin:
Another reason is to hopefully help people who are going on a trip in the future. So please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

This was our 2nd trip to the West Coast, we all loved our first trip but there is so much to see and do we felt the need to go back, this time however it would be just the 4 of us (without Lee's parents)

We wanted to do somethings we did on the last trip but there are lots of new experiences that we hadn't got to do on the previous visit. I wanted this holiday to be more of road trip, so you will see we did travel around a bit.

As it was 2 years ago, the trip report may be more photo heavy than my normal efforts, but I will do my best to provide useful information.
Enjoy 😊

Kerry (me), chief planner and driver. Was most looking forward to San Francisco
Lee, map reader. Was most looking forward to Six Flags Magic Mountain
Jacob, football crazy 9-year-old (at time of trip). Was most looking forward to everything (his words)
Lucas, 6-year-old, who knows what he wants! Was most looking forward to the beach (San Diego)


Travel Day - Coventry to Heathrow to LAX
Day 1 - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Day 2 - Travel to Bass Lakes
Day 3 - BassLakes/Yosemite
Day 4 - Exploring Bass Lakes
Day 5 - Travel to San Francisco
Day 6 - Alcatraz and Pier 39
Day 7 - Exploring San Francisco
Day 8 - Travelling to Monterey via Santa Cruz
Day 9 - Driving the PCH, Monterey to Santa Ynez
Day 10 - Solvang, Dojo Boom * Knottsberry Farm Hotel
Day 11 - Knottsberry Farm and the move to San Diego
Day 12 - Seaworld
Day 13 - Safari Park
Day 14 - Top Gun House, Outlets and Belmont Park
Day 15 - Cabrillo Monument, La Jolla Cove and Belmont Park
Day 16 - San Diego Zoo

disney owl 20 Jun 20 01:06 PM

really enjoyed reading your reports, thanks for posting

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