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purple myra 8 Jan 10 12:24 PM

Just the two of us - Coast to Coast
Pre Trip Report

Travel and Arrival Day

Day One...California Adventure and Disneyland

Day Two...Universal Studios and LA Night tour

Day Three...Disneyland and Wal*Mart

Day Four...Rancho Cucamonga and Disney at Night

Day Five...A trip to the Seaside and The Cheesecake Facory

The rest of this trippie is posted in the "Non Florida Trip Reports Forum"

Day Six...Goodbye California - Hello NYC

Day Seven...Staten Island ferry, TOTR, Ellen's and Rockettes

Day Eight...WTC, Gold Vaults, GCT, Shrek

purple myra 8 Jan 10 05:15 PM

another day added

purple myra 10 Jan 10 07:49 AM

..another day added

mattscold 15 Jan 10 12:02 PM

great so far! loving reading about your trip, incredibly jealous though :'(

purple myra 15 Jan 10 05:52 PM

Glad you are enjoying them...I'll try and get another couple of days done tomorrow

purple myra 25 Jan 10 08:20 AM

Day five added

Carol_G 27 Jan 10 04:33 PM

keep them coming my lovely :D x

purple myra 27 Jan 10 05:16 PM

Back to work tonight so no more for a few days :(

Carol_G 28 Jan 10 02:12 AM

aw :cry:

DisneyMadAng 1 Feb 10 10:18 PM

I hope you're busy typing up day seven...

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