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Gill H 29 Apr 16 06:49 AM

DLP - who's going when?
It's been a long time since we had a thread like this for DLP so I thought I would start one!

If you would like to join the list, post below with the following info:

Dibb name
Start and finish dates of your holiday (edit: dates please, rather than 'for x nights' in case I get my maths wrong!)
Where you're staying

I will then create a month by month list below, so we can all say bonjour to each other in the parks, or even meet up for a celebratory glowtini!

Here goes then...


23-26 September: Vistrix at Sequoia Lodge
29 September - 1 October: JamboJapp at ?
29 September - 4 October: MsWilliams at Villages Nature

October 2-5 October: MysticMermaid at Newport Bay Club
14-21 October: giblets at Val d'Europe apartment
18-20 October: cheekytink at Sequoia Lodge
18-24 October: Lottie2004 at Sequoia Lodge (hopefully!)
25-28 October: itsajennything at Hotel Santa Fe
? October: brother bean at ?

4-7 November: armstrongk1 at Hotel Cheyenne
16-21 October: jedimaster at Newport Bay Club
19-22 November: jono75646 at Hotel Cheyenne
24-27 November: Samski at Hotel Santa Fe
26 November: yellowmonkey (1 day trip)
26-29 November: Melanie R at Disneyland Hotel
26-30 November: LaraT at Sequoia Lodge
28 Nov - 2 Dec: Firelily at Sequoia Lodge

2-4 December: Pollita at Hipark Adagio
2-4 December: Ri33 at Disneyland Hotel
2-6 December: the_weird_one at Sequoia Lodge
3-7 December: stephski25 at Hotel Cheyenne
5-8 December: Enchanted at Sequoia Lodge
9-12 December: LouLou Disney at Sequoia Lodge (Golden Forest)
9-13 December: Leanne1977 at Sequoia Lodge
9-14 December: kl is excited at Newport Bay Club
13-16 December: Ajcameron at Disneyland Hotel (Castle Club park view)
14-16 December: Stitchfan626 at ?
16-19 December: BlendedMum at Davy Crockett Ranch
18-21 December: kk20 at Disneyland Hotel
19-22 December: Fizzywhip at Newport Bay Club
19-22 December: bigplan415 at Newport Bay Club
30 December - 2 January: Nickimiz at Kyriad Hotel
30 December - 2 January: disneymad42013 at Sequoia Lodge


2-5 January: Tubbyherman at Sequoia Lodge (Golden Forest)
23-27 January: Martha_k at Sequoia Lodge

February 17-21 February: Bondy007 at Sequoia Lodge

5-8 March: sallybunny at Sequoia Lodge
12-15 March: florida girl at Hotel Santa Fe
23-27 March: NicolaFred at Newport Bay Club
23-27 March: hanzbebe at Sequoia Lodge
23-27 March: mitch-fishguard at Davy Crockett Ranch

13-17 April: Lisa123wm at Davy Crockett Ranch

10-13 May: sarryb at Newport Bay Club
25-29 May: Hombody1976 at Hotel Cheyenne

18-21 July: cairns at Newport Bay Club

11-15 August: thesorcerer at Sequoia Lodge

19-23 November: HappyPanda at Sequoia Lodge

Stitchfan626 29 Apr 16 06:55 AM

I'm going on Monday! 2nd may for 4 nights. Staying in Newport Bay Club with my crazy Mickey mad 3 year old DS!

welshraz 29 Apr 16 10:38 AM

Me me me! I'm going next week!

Dibb name: welshraz
Start and finish dates of your holiday: 7th May - 14th
Where you're staying: Newport Bay

Let's get some Disneyland Paris excitement going!

Stitchfan626 29 Apr 16 10:42 AM

We will just miss each other Welshraz!

Gill H 29 Apr 16 11:40 AM

Updated - and I've added mine too!

LOU LOU DISNEY 29 Apr 16 11:46 AM

Me too!

Dibb Name - Lou Lou Disney
Start & Finish Dates Of Your Holiday - 24th Aug - 28th Aug
Where Are You Staying - Sequoia Lodge

Can't wait its our 13th time & still love it!

Vikkicat 29 Apr 16 11:56 AM

Hi We are :)

Dibb Name - Vikkicat
Start & Finish Dates Of Your Holiday - 22nd-24th Oct
Where Are You Staying - New York

MK_club1987 29 Apr 16 05:45 PM

Hi We are, and can't wait, will be the 1st visit with DS!

Dibb Name - MK_club1987
Start & Finish Dates Of Your Holiday - 13th September - 18th Septembsr
Where Are You Staying - Newport Bay

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