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loves2plan 28 Mar 17 10:10 PM

The Unexpected Easter QSDP Extravaganza food report LIVE!
Welcome to my QSDP food report. This will be our third time on the QSDP and we've also had the ddp twice. This year's trip was an unexpected one and only booked as I found good flight prices and it would have been rude not to ;) As budget was paramount, we're booked to stay at CBR with the QSDP. Despite the belief that the QSDP is just burgers and hot dogs, it really isn't. In 4 on-site trips, I haven't eaten either. I know a lot of people worry about variety and if there will be enough food, so thought I'd have a go at writing a food report to hopefully help people out a bit.

I'm going to attempt to do it live and write up each day as it happens. We'll see how successful I am! I'm doing it all on my phone, including the photos, so please excuse auto corrects/typos.

So, we have:
14 nights of QSDP with 2 snacks per day and the plan is to use some of those at the Garden Festival food booths.
4 TS meals planned which we will pay for oop: Rainforest Café and Yak and Yeti for which we have 2 Landry's cards with $50 on each, brunch at Raglan Road and our first ever offsite meal which will be out Outback steakhouse near the Vineland Premium Outlets.

Our party consists of:
Me - wedding decorator, (Disney) holiday planner and fan of free dining.
DH, Andy - fellow wedding decorator, lover of all things Lego and Marvel and the big kid of the family.
DD15, Isabelle - funny girl and budding photographer, lover of all things Disney and the Walking Dead.
DS13, Brodie - a really sweet boy and budding baker, lover of all things Disney and YouTube fan.
I can see an expanding business for us if they follow their current paths of photography and baking :d:
A group photo from my brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago:

You can download a PDF of the whole report here:
Thanks to fellow dibber Lazzareo for producing it for me.

Here's an index to make finding each day a bit easier:
Pre travel day - below index
Travel day - Premier Inn Breakfast:, Virgin plane food:
Day 1 - Be Our Guest & Wolfgang Puck Express -
Day 2 - Hollywood Studios and CBR -
Day 3 - CBR, Outback Steakhouse and Sunshine Seasons -
Day 4 - Epcot, CBR, Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom -
Day 5 - Hollywood Studios, CBR and maybe Rainforest Café -
Day 6 - Snacking around Epcot and Outta Control Comedy Magic show at Wonderworks -
Day 7 - CBR, Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom -
Day 8 - CBR, Blizzard Beach and Animal Kingdom -
Day 9 - CBR, Hollywood Studios and snacking around Epcot -
Day 10 - Magic' Kingdom and Rainforest Café -
Day 11 - CBR and Epcot -
Day 12 - Animal Kingdom, CBR and Disney Springs -
Day 13 - CBR, POR and Magic Kingdom -
Day 14 - travel home day - and
Back home - snacks and final thoughts -

Pre-travel day: Tuesday 28th March 2017
We're staying over at the Premier Inn South at Manchester Airport for the night. Normally we'd just eat at the Premier Inn and use their meal deal, but with 2 teens, the meal has started to get quite pricey - especially as DD has a penchant for steak! However, as this is a budget trip we decided to have dinner at The Romper, which is just around the corner, courtesy of Tesco Club card vouchers. I changed up £90 worth of vouchers, but it used £70 in the end as we were too stuffed for desserts.
DD and DS - garlic ciabatta
DH - chicken and chorizo skewers on a bed of roasted vegetables, cucumber ribbons, cheery tomatoes, pomegranate jewels, mixed seeds and a balsamic reduction, with garlic and rosemary mayo
Me - Baked camembert with red onion chutney and a selection of breads

So, in my first food report fail, I completely forgot to take photos until DH and the kids had finished and I'd tucked in to mine. However, mine was so big, that there was plenty left for a photo. In fact, when I ordered the waitress asked how many people were sharing it and I had to admit it was just for me :blush: Add 4 more slices of bread for a full picture:

Me - Chefs garden bowl: roasted baby potatoes, butternut squash, red pepper and red onion with asparagus and tender stem broccoli, topped with chicken breast and a basil pesto dressing (one for Poot Gopherlass :)). My photo really doesn't do this justice as it looks quite drab, but was delicious.

DH - Seafood grill: cod loin, salmon and sea bass fillets with garlic and coriander glazed Patagonian king prawns, chips, pesto roasted red onion and red peppers and smoked hollandaise sauce

DD - 9oz rump cooked medium rare (and it was cooked to perfection!) With Patagonian king prawns, chips, button mushrooms, onion rings, grilled tomato and iceberg lettuce wedge drizzled with honey and mustard dressing

DS - Atlantic cod and chips, but without the chips as he doesn't eat them! So, he had it with coleslaw, garden peas and soft white crusty bloomer bread with butter

It was all delicious and we'd definitely return there in the future.

The bill came to £87.42 including drinks, and our Clubcard vouchers took care of £70 :)

Tomorrow - travel day with breakfast at the Premier Inn, Virgin plane food (with a back up of sandwiches from Boots) and whatever we might fancy once we arrive at CBR.

sha9 28 Mar 17 10:15 PM

I'll be following along! Have a great trip!

Excited6910 28 Mar 17 10:17 PM

Have a wonderful holiday! I'm looking forward to following along :)

darbs 28 Mar 17 10:20 PM

Have a great trip... we live near the romper but didn't realise you could use tesco vouchers... will be investigating as your food looks delicious!

bigplan415 28 Mar 17 10:20 PM

I'll be following this Vickie - have already got lots of helpful tips from you about QSDP, so very excited to see your experiences this time. Have a wonderful trip.

halloweenbaby2 28 Mar 17 10:31 PM

Subscribing - it will be interesting to see what snacks you use ( as well as everything else ). Have a fab holiday too.

Emma-p 28 Mar 17 10:33 PM

Following 😃 Have a great holiday :)

Disney Bear 28 Mar 17 10:36 PM

Following along...have a great flight.

Kat11 28 Mar 17 10:42 PM

Following. I'm looking forward to a QS food report especially without burgers and hotdogs 😀


ILoveDaveLamb 28 Mar 17 10:45 PM

Have a safe flight and a wonderful holiday. x

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