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Lillie 28 Mar 17 10:48 PM

Following along too. Have a safe journey & fab holiday 😀

Leia77 28 Mar 17 10:53 PM

Oooh, looking forward to this one! Enjoy your holiday, Vickie!

magic moments 28 Mar 17 11:01 PM

Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to reading your food report.

zoebums 29 Mar 17 07:52 AM

following xx

sha9 29 Mar 17 08:09 AM

So excited for you this morning to be on your way!

big nelly 29 Mar 17 09:15 AM

Have a great flight and a fabulous holiday.

floridasarah 29 Mar 17 09:34 AM

I will be following along too whilst sitting by the pool in a day or two.

Have a safe flight and hope immigration at MCO is kind to you.

mick 29 Mar 17 10:49 AM

Your meals looked great:spin:

Joan :wave:

mrsdjh 29 Mar 17 10:59 AM

Safe flight Vickie - see you there!

Your meals looked lovely.

loves2plan 29 Mar 17 11:52 AM

Travel day - Wednesday 29th March

Thanks for all your comments so far. Just in the airport now waiting for our flight (Virgin, 12.45pm) so thought I'd do a quick update with breakfast.

I think most people are familiar with breakfast at the Premier Inn. It's 8.99 per adult and children eat free. There's a full buffet spread of cooked items, plus cereals, croissants, muffins, toast, fruit, yoghurts and flapjack, which was a first for us. We helped ourselves and filled up ready to head to the airport. It was all hot and delicious :)

Looks like we'll be boarding soon, so will post again from sunny Orlando :spin:

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