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Flamingo 10 Jan 20 09:36 PM

Pinch of Nom recipe books. Any good?
Does anyone have either of the Pinch of Nom recipe books? I saw one today and some of the meals look delicious.
I was just wondering if the recipes are relatively quick and easy to prepare and cook? Also, are they family friendly? I have a 7 & 2 year old who seem to be getting fussier with their food by the day!

kc1 10 Jan 20 09:40 PM

I have the first one and make the creamy garlic chicken all the time itís now a family favourite! Very easy to make and delicious 😋

Labboy 10 Jan 20 09:43 PM

They are good books, have them both, also great if you are calorie concious.

Libby29 10 Jan 20 09:48 PM

I have them both, and they are really good.
Very healthy & tasty.😜

folkie 10 Jan 20 09:52 PM

Aldi have the first one for £5.99 at the moment.

Colette-S 10 Jan 20 09:52 PM

Yes Iíve made tea out of them every night this week. There is another thread about them on the food section which may help php?t=1156791

Lightyear 10 Jan 20 09:53 PM

I have both and have made loads from the first one, nothing from the second one yet because there's less in it I fancy.

dietcokebreak 10 Jan 20 09:58 PM

I made the Keema pie from the new one yesterday, we all loved it 🙂
Diet coke chicken from the first one is a big hit as are the salt and pepper chips 👍

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