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mick 1 Apr 17 07:46 PM

A busy but good day :spin:

Joan :wave:

pixie81 2 Apr 17 11:59 PM

Those milkshakes look epic, but wow! $60 for four drinks!

Great day! :)

Loopylooloo 3 Apr 17 12:56 PM

Thanks for reading along! :wavey:

floridasarah 6 Apr 17 04:40 PM

Am a bit late keeping up with your report Louise, I am glad you liked RPR, we stayed there on Tuesday and by your photos we might have been in the same block. We were tower 2 level 5.

We thought the express pass was excellent but to be fair the queues were not as long as I had expected. But we still benfited from the passes hugely just wished we made more use of it but it was just so hot, and we got very tired. When I look at my step count for the 2 days I am not surprised.19,468 and 24,731.

I must be so lovely having Bethany there who is new to it all, it must make it almost as exciting as your first time.

Will try and keep up but am having too much fun to sit at my lap top at the moment. I think you are so good doing a live report.

Loopylooloo 7 Apr 17 02:46 AM

Sarah that is an amazing step count! You did really well. Yes we were in Tower Two!
So pleased you are enjoying your holiday too x

codym 8 Apr 17 09:01 AM

Loving your report, we totally adored the RPR last year, my new favourite hotel :grin:

Excitedx4 11 Apr 17 11:10 PM

Wow a jam packed day, I'm not looking forward to going back with the exchange rate myself but my youngest is only 6 so still has kids meals which helps slightly

wozza 13 Apr 17 09:38 PM

You're right Bethany does look fabulous in those glasses x

kansaskitty 16 Aug 18 07:34 PM

I am loving this report. As another poster said, it brings back memories. We took my then boyfriend (now husband!) in 2008 at 18 and 20 and it was great because it was all new to him.
Bethany is gorgeous she even looks lovely sleeping bless her! I sleep with my mouth wide open looool! We donít do universal but this looks like a brilliant and very full up day!

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