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Gryff 3 Sep 19 11:32 PM

Pixie dust for our son please update page 64
On Saturday evening our world changed in 20 mins
We'd had a great family day kids partners GdKs celebrating Gds2 birthday when his Dad on his way to work was in a car accident
He's had abdominal and chest surgery in an induced coma due to the brain trauma and Halo traction for the broken bones in his neck
He's been unresponsive till this evening but still won't breath on his own
We've a long road in front of us all if he can come Off ventilation
We are all,in limbo at the moment

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loves2plan 3 Sep 19 11:35 PM

Oh my goodness, how awful for you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you🙏

Vanillapod 3 Sep 19 11:36 PM

Oh my goodness. Iím so sorry to read this. What a worrying time for you all. Sending lots of love and good thoughts x

sophiepop 3 Sep 19 11:36 PM

:P1x1e_Dust::pd I hope this works and I wish your Son a speedy recovery :wave:

Smilesonfaces 3 Sep 19 11:39 PM

So very sorry to read this awful news. Thinking of you alll x

lovedisney 3 Sep 19 11:39 PM

So sorry, Iím really not good with words at these times but send you all my best wishes, love and pixie dust, please stay strong, Iíll be thinking of you all xx

Mr Tom Morrow 3 Sep 19 11:41 PM

Helen. I am so sorry to hear this news. Truly dreadful.
We are both thinking of you and Ian and all of the family.
Best wishes to you and we hope the coming days bring good news.

KateD 3 Sep 19 11:42 PM

Sending pixie dust fur a speedy recovery xx

shona 3 Sep 19 11:42 PM

So sorry to hear your news and how quickly life can change. Big hugs to you and your family

Feebee2 3 Sep 19 11:44 PM

I am so sorry to hear this xxx

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