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Hypnobabe 22 Aug 19 05:46 PM

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge - our preview opinion
So we did our annual pass preview on Tuesday. The new land is pretty amazing and the theming very realistic - it was great to have that WOW feeling walking around from the first time. Seemed very much based on newer Star Wars but then I’m not an expert.

Firstly - the Millennium Falcon ride. It’s kind of in the Spider-Man style from universal but very interactive - you work as a team of six 2 pilots, 2 gunners and 2 engineers and it reacts to the mistakes you make and kind of scores you by how much money you make at the end of it. Personally thought the pilot position was the most fun - especially when you hit light speed. - but children seemed to enjoy being a gunner the most as they get to almost continually shoot things. The engineer was my least favourite position - just a note- that seemed to be the position you were most likely to get as a single rider. The walk in for the first time is not a waste of time as it’s all new stuff to look at. The ride is bumpier if you have bad pilots - no less fun tho

Lots of choice for shops - mostly there are small ones in the market and one big one where you can make your own droid for $99.99! I think you can also build your own light saber but we didn’t see that. Loads of photo opps for the memory maker (I can upload if you like but didn’t want to spoil it for you).

We tried the nearly $9 slushy blue milk - we didn’t like it - none of us! It may be better with the alcohol in it - still not sure that would improve it tbh.

My girls liked the animated toys you could buy but it was our last day and we’d spent up.

We enjoyed being immersed in the theme - the CMs outfits were pretty great too.

Astrid 22 Aug 19 06:50 PM

Interesting preview, thanks, especially the ride! Not sure I'll battle the crowds when I'm there in September but I'll play that by ear, if I do I think I'll give the blue milk a miss!

toonarmani 22 Aug 19 07:11 PM

My colleague just returned from California and they seem to put kids in the Pilot seat if there’s one in the group, and some struggled to leave the hanger which impacted the experience (he was fortunate to be pilot with his Mrs being the other one) but a few people were complaining apparently after their rides that the kids weren’t able to navigate around.

Hypnobabe 22 Aug 19 10:16 PM

On one of our goes there was one dad with two young girls - they did give both girls pilot cards but the dad swapped it. Lots of people were hanging back waiting so they could be pilots. The people who are pilots does affect the ride but we went on with a couple who were really bad - it made the ride funnier.

Jake71 23 Aug 19 01:17 PM

You don't happen to know the minimum ride height on this ride do you? I'm wondering if my granddaughter will get on it?

ziggyzag 23 Aug 19 04:17 PM

Hmm how would this work with a disabled person? (Down's syndrome, but he wouldn't understand having to drive the vehicle? )

ziggyzag 23 Aug 19 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by Jake71 (Post 14031852)
You don't happen to know the minimum ride height on this ride do you? I'm wondering if my granddaughter will get on it?

According to the website it is 38” (97cm) or taller

Hypnobabe 24 Aug 19 01:37 PM

If you ask I’m sure they’d give you both the same job and you can tell them what to do - basically for a gunner and engineer if the light flashes press it, pilot is similar but if there’s the light speed lever to pull down too. Most people would swap a pilot card for a different one- it will be the favourite for adults I’m predicting. Children will love the gunner role

Disneycraft 24 Aug 19 01:41 PM

Thanks for the review .when you say people were hanging back to be pilot what do you mean ? Is it like requesting for front row on a coaster ?

N52939 24 Aug 19 05:43 PM

We did our passholder preview on Wednesday and thought they have done a great job with the theming. What did strike us though was how busy it was, despite it being a "controlled" event. Thought the ride was ok, but FOP still best ride in Disney.

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