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THOscar 3 Oct 19 03:57 PM

Disney launches plant-based food website
Spotted this on twitter just now. A whole website for you veggies and vegans to explore to find out food options for you!

MrsBC 3 Oct 19 05:27 PM

I'm neither vegan nor vegetarian but I really enjoyed some of the plant based options last month - lots of hummous, kofta etc. Lovely and light when its so hot.

Mr Tom Morrow 3 Oct 19 06:06 PM

OP. Mrs Morrow says thank you very much for this.:)

loves2plan 3 Oct 19 06:08 PM

That's great. Thanks for sharing :)

Cha cha 4 Oct 19 11:02 AM

Iím so glad Disney are adding more veggie/vegan dishes.
Will be great to try some of the new veggie food.

returnplanning 5 Oct 19 09:03 AM

I'm not vegetarian (eat a non-meat meal only a few times/year), but I think that this is a great idea, the veggie choice has never been too great before.

Laughing Minnie 5 Oct 19 09:23 AM

Thanks for sharing, my DH will love this. So helpful for planning ADRs on restaurants we havenít looked at before.

Cha cha 6 Oct 19 09:42 AM

Just noticed that a couple of restaurants have added plant based products but taken away another veggie option - theyíve taken our fav Caprese sandwich & fries from the Backlot Express menu & replaced it with a plant based dish. 🙁

scoobydooby 6 Oct 19 05:37 PM

Brilliant! Iím not a vegetarian but donít eat much meat either. They have been so sloth like off the mark with this itís not true. At last real progress. Thank you so much for posting this 👍

nats1211 6 Oct 19 05:51 PM

I see Disney are following the trend of removing vegetarian items and replacing them with vegan instead.
I find this beyond irritating now when I eat out that vegetarian options are increasingly replaced with vegan options, while its great that they have a menu symbol etc it would be nice to have options with real cheese etc.

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