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flutterby 1 May 12 11:20 AM

Doral Woods Villa reviews
Thinking of returning again next Easter and looking for villas while waiting for flights to be released.
Came across Doral Woods and wondered whether anyone has stayed here before and got any recent reviews.


leahamy 1 May 12 03:39 PM

We stayed in Doral Woods in 2004 - probably not recent enough for you - and found the development, villa and surroundings very good. The only thing to be aware of is that travelling up Poinciana Boulevard each day adds probably 15-20 minutes to each journey, not too bad if you don't have young children with you.

maidmarian 1 May 12 04:04 PM

in my opinion i would look elsewhere as its a trek to get places, there are plenty of other villas in better locations ;)

DIBBadmin 1 May 12 04:04 PM

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